New shoes: red edition

I was recently offered the chance by Barratts to choose some shoes. I picked two pairs (the most fabulous pair you’ll have to wait until next week to see… they are AMAZING) and this first pair appealed to me on a couple of different levels.

Firstly, I liked the brogue-esque styling of them. I thought that they’d be great for wearing to work with tights and a cool skirt, but also double up as smarter casual shoes with jeans. These have a really cool, Elvis Costello-ish vibe about them and to be honest, that’s not a bad thing!


Secondly, I like the colour- red is my favourite and all my current shoes are black. Boring or what? Also, most of my shoes are either Converse or ballet flats. I wanted something a bit different to what I would usually wear and these really fit the bill. They kind of remind me of jive shoes too.


Why, yes, I am plugging those socks I blogged about on Monday.

I’ve found them dead comfy to walk in and I have tucked the laces in now (they were a bit too much of a hazard for me and my clumsiness sticking out like that, but I wanted to show them as they came!)

I’ll show you my ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ shoes next Wednesday! Meanwhile, you can buy these here– or take advantage of Barratt’s excellent mid-season sale! Does anything take your fancy?



7 thoughts on “New shoes: red edition

  1. Lauren says:

    I like! and having seen them in person, I like rather a lot!
    I need some easy on summer shoes though, bending down to do laces is getting more n more difficult with the bulging bump in the way!

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