I finished making something!

Hurrah! I’ve only been making these Cookie A Pointelle  socks since, ooooh, June. And I actually only finished them because I have a nice pair of new shoes that I think work wonderfully with them (read: clash. You’ll see on Wednesday why I’m not a fashion blogger…)

My ankles aren't really that fat. Well, they have improved since I stopped being pregnant, at any rate.

My ankles aren’t really that fat. Well, they have improved since I stopped being pregnant, at any rate.

I seem to be one of a few people who actually own Knit. Sock. Love in actual hard copy form. I must say, I love the book, it’s so pretty. Cookie’s designs look quite complex, but really I find them quite easy and rewarding. I can’t remember ever losing my temper with this design (what high praise indeed, eh?!) and a few simple stitches makes for quite a striking effect. Here’s a close up of my foot, for those of you who are interested:


“Look, Mummy! It’s the cankle of a GIANT!”

The photo doesn’t do the yarn justice- I think it’s an Opal solid yarn, but I can’t remember exactly. In real life, the orange is MUCH brighter. If you are tempted to do one of Cookie’s patterns (and I URGE you to. If you’re a bit intimidated, start off with something like Monkey or Hedera.) Socks are lovely to knit and so easy, despite the fact that people who don’t knit them find them a bit complex/intimidating. Seriously, they are ace.

I’m not sure when I’ll next cast on a pair of socks- I have a massive list of ‘to knit’ patterns and I’m still knitting the OWLS jumper- being ill last week knocked my progress on this!

So, any chance of you picking up the needles to have a go?


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