Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk

Woah, there, chickens- stop the press! I’ve actually found a Soap and Glory product I like! As you may recall, I have had a few S&G products that have been disappointing. The moisturiser. The over-priced face mask that made me smell like a bathroom cleaning product. The ‘meh’ mascara. I thought me and this brand were through. Until I started to use Peaches and Clean.

Image: Soap and Glory

I bought this as part of the Best of All bundle at Christmas and I have to say, I wasn’t initially impressed. I’m generally a bit weary of anything with fruit acids in it, as they can make my skin flare up. I have read some reviews where the blogger has used this as a mask; there is no way I could do that! I do like the tingle on my skin, but I can’t let it go on for too long. Although my skin has recovered post-pregnancy (and I’ll write a post up about those trials..), it’s still not strong enough for intensive care.

I really like the smell of this- fruity with a hint of chemical. The texture feels great on my skin too- a cream of just the right consistency and the pump means I don’t use too much. So, despite the fact that this is mid-price for skin care (at £7 for 200ml), a  little goes a long way. I’ve been using this for about six weeks and have only got a quarter of the way through. My skin does feel clean and soft afterwards, although I always stick a facial oil on straightaway, as I need to have that layer of protection on my skin.

There are caveats with this though. I’ve found it hard to shift my mascara with it, so I tend to use a facial cleansing gel and cotton wool beforehand and then use this to mop up anything left. I can’t comment on whether it’s affected my t-zone or my pores, as I haven’t noticed a massive difference. Also, the fruit oils mean that skin can be slightly more sensitive to sun, so wearing at least a moisturiser with some SPF is a must, especially if we ever eventually get some sunshine!

I would seriously consider repurchasing this, as long as it continues to keep my skin looking good.


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