Designer Stitches magazine

Although I am primarily a knitter, I do occasionally enjoy spending time with 28-count aida and a needle. I have sold cross-stitched cards of my own design before, but I’ve been woefully uninspired in the sewing department recently. Until last week when I stumbled across Designer Stitches (published by Cross Stitcher magazine.)


Cross stitch magazines have certainly come a long way since I learnt to cross stitch when I was a kid; the patterns are cool, bright and I can imagine quite a few of these in my house (I’m especially coveting the flamingo wall hanging, much to Benn’s horror. How I married a man whose idea of a colour scheme is magnolia matched with buttercream, I WILL NEVER KNOW.) What initially drew me though were the VW campervan cushions on the front. My sister is slightly obsessed with these and I am toying with making her one, although she probably won’t get it until her 30th birthday in 2017. There are over 100 charts here, which makes the £9.99 price tag bargainous.


What’s really great about the magazine are the interviews with innovative cross stitch designers such as Mr X Stitch and Felicity Hall (I am SERIOUSLY lusting after one of her clutch bag kits.) There are designs to suit all tastes, but I was really impressed by the range of ideas, themes and colours. It’s making me itch to get some thread and get started. I can sense an expensive online order coming on…. the only thing will be to work out what to make first!


6 thoughts on “Designer Stitches magazine

  1. Hannah Ackroyd says:

    I love the designs in Cross Stitcher! We bought the issue with the VWs in too! I love them! All of the patterns are a bright and modern…I can’t find anything like them anywhere else!

  2. sophie wearing says:

    I love xstitcher,in fact its the only craft magazine I consistently love enough to subscribe to.most of these designs are in the magazines,I just need to find a better way of archiving the patterns because there are somany I want to do,that I end up forgetting which I need to complete first!!Xx

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