Baking Challenge #5: Mini Crunchy Orange and Rosemary Cakes

Ah, what would once have been called ‘buns’ are now called ‘mini cakes’, such is the fashionable, macaroon/cupcake/muffin-infested world in which we live. Anyways, I found this sweet little recipe in April’s edition of Red magazine and knew I wanted to have a go. I love baking with citrus fruits (this recipe calls for the zest and juice of a lemon and an orange) and we have a massive rosemary bush in the garden.

By the way, aren’t these bun cases GORGEOUS? I picked them up from Lakeland, £2.99 for 48. A bit steep, but SO pretty and chic.


So, anyway, this recipe was super-easy and I was able to make both a fairly successful cake and a heck of a lot of mess! The flavour is very citrussy and I think I was a tad on the tightfisted side with the rosemary, so I would be a bit more generous next time. I admit, though, to a slight nervousness about the rosemary.

The ‘crunchy’ part of the cake comes from the topping; when the cakes are hot, you quickly mix granulated sugar and orange and lemon juice and spoon it on top. It crystallises and forms a crunchy, sweet topping. I think I will use this when I next make a lemon drizzle cake.


This is a definite cut-out-and-keep recipe for me! I think it’s my most successful recipe to date!


6 thoughts on “Baking Challenge #5: Mini Crunchy Orange and Rosemary Cakes

  1. wannabaker says:

    Hey Stephanie
    My first time to your site – your buns look yummy! .. But did you post the recipe anywhere, or could you point me to it please –
    All best,

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