25 facts about me…

These have been doing the rounds and I figured I’d do it and save it for a day when my blogging mojo is low. Today is that day! So here, dear reader, are twenty-five random facts about moi.

1) I have two tattoos- a Tibetan ohm on my arm that I got when I was 18 and three stars at the top of my spine that I got three years later. A lot of people don’t know I have them because I tend to keep them covered (not for any reason, it’s just the way they are!)

2) I’m fascinated by religion. The recent Pope news was brilliant for me, I love all the pomp and circumstance, despite not being religious myself. I was brought up in the Church of England by a Catholic mother. I like to say I got all of the guilt and none of the pageantry.

3) I’m slightly obsessed with nuns and I have a collection of vintage photographs of them.

One of my favourite photos in my collection

4) I also collect Alice in Wonderland memorabilia. I’ll probably do a post about this in future, as I have TONS of stuff.

5) One of my party tricks is being able to wiggle my nose in time to music.

6) Another is the ability to name almost any dog breed, even obscure ones. When I was ten, I devoured dog breed books. One of my ambitions was to become a dog breeder and enter Crufts. I’d still like to do that (probably breeding something random  like Dandie Dinmont terriers), but I would definitely wear a sports bra if I did so. Lesson learnt after watching many Best in Show programmes over the years.

7) I’m scared of horses, although I’m working on it.

See what I mean?
Image: http://www.city-data.com

8) I love watching documentaries and can watch them about almost anything. Ones about royal history and serial killers (sometimes the same thing) are my favourite. But I can’t watch anything about murder if the baby is awake. I did watch lots of serial killer docs when I was pregnant and so I think I’ve got a good handle on a) how to prevent him from becoming one and b) the signs to look for in other people… well, I hope so anyway!

9) I have a hearing impairment called Auditory Processing Disorder. It means that I can ace hearing tests, but the nerves between my brain and my ears are slightly faulty. The audiologist thinks I learnt to lip read from an early age in order to compensate. It basically means I’m on a split second time delay and can struggle to learn languages/play musical instruments/get jokes. You would never know there was anything wrong with me though if you met me.

10) The only hair styling product I own is a brush. Seriously, no hairdryer or products other than shampoo and conditioner. I am so lazy when it comes to my hair, my hairdresser refused to give me a proper fringe, because she thought it would be too annoying for me. This is going to be fun when one of the challenges I’ve set myself is to learn to do a vintage style hair-do.

File:Veronica Lake still.jpg

Veronica Lake
Image: Wikipedia

11) I think the happiest time in my life was when I was at college. Not to say I’m not happy now, but then was a whole new life- I made lots of friends I still have and it was such an exciting time.

12) I have two regrets in life- one that I didn’t study history further than Year 9 and that I didn’t capitalise on my degree after I left university. However, had I done that, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

13) If D had been a girl, I was desperate to call him Cecily. Benn hated it.

14) I love the smell of coffee being made, but I can’t drink it. It makes me really ill.

15) When I was a kid, I was a total tomboy. Computer games- especially Street Fighter II- were my favourite past-time. It got to the point where the local lads refused to play me. Chun-Li and I could take on the best of them and win!

File:Chun-Li tatsunoko.png

Image: Wikipedia

16) I became obsessed with the Golden Age of Hollywood after a project I did for GCSE Art. I was appalling at art and got a D. One of my friends had helped me with the Hollywood coursework, I was hopeless.

17) I very often feel like an imposter in my own life. I’m convinced someone is going to come and tell me I’m not grown up enough to be me.

18) I have a signed photo of David Tennant. I’m a big Doctor Who fan and I’m pretty certain he’s my favourite.


19) If I could live on a diet of pepperoni pizza, Jelly Belly beans and Diet Coke, I would. However, my waist and my teeth wouldn’t thank me for it, so I don’t.

20) I’ve done loads of research about the Irish War of Independence and Irish Civil War. My uncle was stationed in Northern Ireland in the 80s. We’ve met some of the same people, but in completely different circumstances. It was an interesting evening of swapping stories when I met him after my last trip.

21) Living on my own for six months when I was 21 was probably one of the best decisions I ever made (moving to Brighton was the best decision I ever made, though.)

22) I talk a lot and I come across as quite confident, but I often have massive crises of confidence and have to really psyche myself up to do new things. I would love to be braver!

Image: time.com

23) Although I can eat eggs in quiche and just about tolerate them when served as an omlette, I really don’t like them very much on their own. When I was little, my mum used to have to hide eggs from me when she was baking , otherwise I wouldn’t eat the cakes!

24) My favourite song ever is Mmmbop. I don’t even care that you know that.

25) I hated learning to drive and failed my test quite badly. As a result, I will never get behind the wheel of a car again and so I am keeping the population of the world safer. Seriously, I’m doing you a favour by walking.


4 thoughts on “25 facts about me…

  1. Lauren says:

    I would never have guessed #22.
    #20 is interesting to hear, although I am a lot more interested in the last 30 years of Irish history or so (well, and a bit before) due to my family being convicted (And then declared innocent) of bomb making for the IRA, although other members had been killed by the IRA in NI… insane.

  2. nanacathy2 says:

    Fascinating- love the Nun pic! Good for you my boys loved Street Fighter- Round One Fight!!! Then a weird noise from the computer if I recall!!
    Seriously would love a Nun post and the Alice in Wonderland.
    Finally – Brighton is a terrific place!

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