The most fun you can have with a stamp!

A while back, I stumbled upon Postcrossing, a website which connects people through a very simple concept- send a postcard to a random person in the world and, once your card arrives, your address will be given to another random person so that they can send you a postcard.

Some of the postcards I've received so far..

Some of the postcards I’ve received so far..

I love this idea because I love post. Also, doing something like this really helped me when I was in danger of becoming quite isolated at home, but unable to get my mind into writing a full letter. Postcards are relatively cheap and it costs 87p to send a postcard anywhere in the world. The man in local post office is always a bit puzzled when I go in and buy stamps in bulk, but I like to think I’m helping keep Royal Mail alive or something (I buy ten a month. Otherwise, it’d be ridiculous.)

It’s amazing how the small act of putting a few words on a postcard and then sending it can really cheer someone up. I’ve had some awful days and then got home to find a couple of postcards on the mat. It’s been a great surprise. What’s also really nice is when the senders have tried to match the card to my tastes, or written something that shows they read my profile. I try to do this too, as it shows some thought. I love reading the profile and then looking at my stack of postcards to decide what to send where. I also attempted some Russian a while back, but the receiver didn’t comment on it, so I don’t know how terrible a translator Google is!


My first attempt at Russian- probably not that brilliant, to be honest!



I’ve also enjoyed buying postcards- I’ve bought some from Etsy and Folksy, as well as Paperchase and the local tourist information centre- as well as finding an old collection of art postcards I’d picked up.

So, what do I DO with all my postcards once they arrive? I’ve been sticking them in the kitchen on the cupboard under the stairs. I like to chatter to the baby while pointing out pictures and telling him where they’ve come from and what the pictures are of. I know he doesn’t really understand at this point, but he loves looking at them and listening to me witter on. Maybe when he’s older I can take him to visit some of the places where the cards have come from. That would be exciting!

If you’d like to see all the postcards I’ve received so far (and some of the ones I’ve sent!) you can do so here.

Do you fancy signing up to this?


4 thoughts on “The most fun you can have with a stamp!

  1. eveline says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    I saw your post at the postcrossing site of FB. I also love postcrossing. I love to find a postcard at my doormat. Nowadays you only get junkmail or invoices….The other day I received a postcard fully scribled with thoughts just for me about the things I like which she found at my profile.
    And I do, just as you do, show the cards at my kids and how far it has travelled just to get to me!

    So keep postcrossing and maybe we’ll “meet” again.
    Eveline (alias Flien)

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