…Before I am 30. Can you help?

Yesterday, I turned 29 and this is fine with me. I’ve never been bothered about my age (some may say it’s because I’m still pretty young), and the last year has certainly been interesting!

Marilyn Monroe blowing out the candle on her 30th birthday cake in 1956 Marilyn Monroe, 30th birthday, cake, New York, Idlewild Airport, 1956

Marilyn Monroe blowing out the candles on her 30th birthday cake in 1956
(Source: This is Marilyn)

I’ve decided to set myself some goals for the next year that are challenging, but easy enough to accomplish with a baby/toddler(!) in tow and less in the way of disposable income. So far, I have:

  • Go ice-skating- I’ve never had a go
  • Read a Jane Austen novel- I have never, ever been able to read Jane Austen. I feel I should do this.
  • Attempt a fringe (with professional help) and grow my hair
  • To go further into the sea than just below my ankles- I’ve never done this!
  • Complete two knitted garments for me- a jumper and a cardigan
  • Complete two knitted garments for D
  • Knit something using colourwork- and FINISH it!
  • Learn to do one vintage style hair-do
  • Learn three new dishes to cook from scratch
  • Make D’s birthday cake- I’m already thinking PENGUINS!
  • Make something with my 1940 hand-crank Singer sewing machine- I’ve never used her since I bought her!
  • Write three postcards for Postcrossing in the recipients’ native language (probably using Google Translate)
  • Do some kind of regular exercise as well as continuing to walk pretty much everywhere

I feel like I should have some other things on my list- can you suggest anything?


8 thoughts on “…Before I am 30. Can you help?

  1. Emma says:

    If you wanna go ice skating, don’t hang about for the crappy and over priced Xmas rinks here, get thee to Guildford, cheaper and better!

  2. Amy says:

    Nothing to add as I don’t know what you’ve all done and you have only a year to do everything but I’m hoping to do some later on this year.. but more 5 year goals rather than 1 years goals.

    Good Luck lovely!

  3. Lauren says:

    you’ve never been in the Sea?!?!
    Do a puzzle. a big one. or, more interestingly, make a time capsule for D when he is older? I planon doing this for sprog.

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