The Knitter- Knitting Masterclass

I love a good library haul and, in Brighton, we’re really lucky to have someone in the library service who’s clearly a knitter. I picked up this little beauty on Saturday and I think I’m the first person to borrow it (always lovely!) Often, I take a knitting book home from the library, only to be disappointed by the content. Not so this book…


I’ve been after a book that details more in the way of technique, as well as patterns. I picked this up with no expectations, but I am SO pleased I did. It’s a substantial book, hard-covered, which I love.


There are twenty techniques outlined in the book- everything from cables and colourwork to steeking and substituting yarns. Each section is written by an expert and is really clearly illustrated with good sized photos (I hate it when you get a book showing a technique, but they use piddly little diagrams and/or photos.) There are loads of handy tips and ways to help you fix common problems. I think that this alone is worth the money. I’m particularly interested in the colourwork sections (Fair Isle and slipped-stitch colourwork) and the section on how to shape a jumper or cardigan. This is something I have lacked confidence in, but I feel I could adapt a pattern quite easily with this book in front of me.

There are fifteen patterns in the book, including socks, cushions, hats, shawls and a jumper.


All of these patterns have been previously published in The Knitter magazine and cover a wide range of skill levels. Personally, I wouldn’t buy the book for the patterns, but it is useful to see how the techniques are then used in the construction of an actual product. The patterns are clear and easy to follow, with lovely photos. If you were itching to try out something new, you could do worse than the patterns in here. An ambitious new knitter could perhaps work their way through the book and pick up everything they needed to know to become an accomplished knitter.

I’d be tempted to make a couple of the hats and the shawl, but for me this book is all about the techniques. I’m so in love with this book, I’ve asked my parents to buy it for me for my birthday- I think it’ll be a handy resource guide for years to come.


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