Baking Challenge 2013- Bake #4 Accidental butter cookies

I want to come clean about a shocking secret.

I can never, for the life of me, make shortbread. Shortbread.  Something that primary school kids can make. It’s only butter, sugar and flour, right? But I don’t know what I do wrong, maybe I’m a bit over-zealous in the rubbing in  of the butter, but my mixture always ends up as a powdery, floury mess. This is what happened yesterday, before I remembered that I can’t make shortbread.

So what did I do? What I always do- added milk until it turned into a sort of biscuit dough. I then rolled them out and cut them using itsy-bitsy cutters- I knew that as the butter melted, the cookies would spread.


I’ve also become quite weary of our oven as well, so was checking the biscuits every few minutes (I remember Mary Berry saying you can open the door on biscuits, but not on cakes. I may disagree with her views on feminism, but I’m never going to argue with her when it comes to baking…)


Not as anaemic as they look… honest

Texture-wise, I think these are slightly lighter than traditional shortbread. They taste nice, if a bit blander (I guess the milk maybe dilutes the buttery flavour), but they’ll be nice with a cuppa.

My baking goals are to bake D’s first birthday cake (I’m thinking penguins as a theme already- he loves Pingu) and macarons. But how the heck will I manage those if I can’t make SHORTBREAD?

Ay me.



3 thoughts on “Baking Challenge 2013- Bake #4 Accidental butter cookies

  1. Peri says:

    The trick is to use either some rice flour or semolina in the with flour! Works a treat. I prefer rice flour it has a nicer texture. xxx

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