Mother’s Day gift guide- buying from British indie companies!

I’m quite looking forward to Mother’s Day this year- despite the fact that Benn told me that “D thinks Mother’s Day is a commercial enterprise, so doesn’t think he wants to do it”- which is pretty advanced thinking for a four month old, I’m sure you’ll agree. I have stated that as I have had a few health problems and endured a 45 hour labour (which will ALWAYS be my trump card), I would at least like a bloody card, thanks.

However, Mother’s Day gift guides are usually RUBBISH, so I thought I would put my own ideas forward for what might make a good gift. I decided to choose smaller, British companies. Yes, they might be pricier, but the quality is fantastic. I would love ANY of the gifts on this list! Let’s just hope ‘D’ is reading it…

Melt Candles- Neroli and Rose Geranium

Neroli & Rose Geranium Scented Candle: Luxury Glass Jar

Image: Melt Candles

I think candles are a good present- and the fragrances in this candle bring to mind old school glamour… I imagine this would be perfect for a fabulous, glamorous mum.

David Austin Roses- William Shakespeare

Image: David Austin Roses

I love roses. Love them. I wish I lived somewhere permanent so that I could have a proper rose bush. However, David Austin- the best rose grower in the business- does sell roses in pots. They’re not cheap, but they are beautiful and will last so much longer than a bouquet of flowers!

SOAK- Blanche the Blues kit

Blanche the Blues SOAK

Image: SOAK

I was lucky enough to win one of these kits a couple of months ago and I love it. I use it on a Friday night and I like the fact that I can mix the oils and bath salts however I please. I think that a stressed mum would appreciate this and you’d be supporting a brilliant new business. (It’s also inspired me to make my own bath bombs as well…)

Rococo chocolates

Rococo Cat That Got The Cream Ganache Box

Image: Rococo Chocolates

I got some Rococo floral chocolates for Christmas and they were AMAZING. The chocolate was lovely quality and I think the packaging is fantastic. There’s also a dog version of this box and non-animal, pretty boxes of chocolates for those who are anti-animal-related packaging.

What do you think would make a great Mother’s Day gift?


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day gift guide- buying from British indie companies!

  1. Alice says:

    Some great ideas. This is a reason to have a child, an extra day of presents. πŸ˜‰ lol. Those Malt candles sound gorgeous, I’ve just had a browse of the website. x
    p.s. I am so excited to meet you and D. x

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