I’m doing something funny for money!

Well, sort of. I’ve decided to try and give up swearing for the month of March. People watching me trying to give up swearing will certainly find it funny.

Image: dudemeetsdad.com

Normally, I’m not a sweary type- and certainly not in professional capacities or online. But since having a baby, things have slipped a bit. I’m tired and grumpy and some days have a baby who won’t stop fussing for no reason. And yes, sometimes I swear.

So I joined Lauren Laverne’s Twitter Million team and decided that I could stop swearing for a month. After all, they reckon if you can do something for 28 days straight, it becomes a habit. So maybe by the end of March, my language will be as clean as a nun’s. Who knows.

For every swearword I use, I’ll add 50p to my total pot. I’m also currently on maternity pay, which means I’m skinter than usual, so I’m hoping that this will spur me onto to thinking about my language a bit more!

The problem I’m having is finding alternatives to swear words. Which is where you come in, lovely readers. Can you leave me any old fashioned or unusual alternatives to swears in the comments? I’m already loving Charles II’s use of ‘Odd’s Fish!’ and Lauren herself suggested ‘Zounds’.

And, if you DO comment, maybe consider donating 50p or a pound to my cause? I have reached my initial target of £50, but would love to get a little more in the bank! I’ll also be documenting my progress over the course of the month, as a way of keeping tabs on it.

You can sponsor me here.




One thought on “I’m doing something funny for money!

  1. Alice says:

    This is a good idea, I find myself swearing more in certain situations but when I am work or around children I manage to not to it. Its weird. Alternative swear words I use are things like sugar or fiddlesticks. Old classics my mum always used. I get paid tomorrow so I will sponsor you then. Remind me if I haven’t, I have a memory of a fish at the moment. x

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