Books 2013: February

I’ve had to cheat and add two books that I finished at the end of January here (I’d written the post before I’d got through them!), but I’ve found it a bit harder to find the time to read this month. However, D now has a ‘proper’ bedtime, so I’m hoping more reading is on the cards!

We’ll Always Have Paris- John Baxter

We'll Always Have Paris: Sex and Love In the City of Light (Jan)

Image: Waterstones

This is a book I randomly picked up in a charity shop over a year ago; I didn’t really know what it was about, but it appealed to my love of both Paris and Josephine Baker. It’s basically the author’s love letter to Paris and his wife, with a smattering of the history of sexual and gender politics of bourgeois Paris. It was nice to read about places where Benn and I stayed on our honeymoon (we chose an apartment in Montmartre.)

Bumpology- Linda Geddes

Bumpology: The Myth-busting Pregnancy Book for Curious Parents-to-be (Jan)

Image: Waterstones

I reviewed this for the baby and parenting blog I write. I found it really useful and wished I’d had it when I was expecting D. I also liked its ‘dip in and out’ format- I’m trying to persuade my aunt, who works for the local library service, to buy a copy for the main library!

Affinity- Sarah Waters

Affinity (Feb)

Image: Waterstones

Although I enjoy all of Sarah Waters’ novels, I do find some are more hit and miss than others. This one left me a bit dissatisfied and I wanted some of my questions to be answered. I’ve since found out that Waters herself didn’t enjoy writing this book as much as some of her others, and I think it shows. However, her attention to detail and the twist at the end is as interesting as ever.

Tipping the Velvet- Sarah Waters

Tipping the Velvet (Feb)


I was a bit sad when I finished this, as it meant I had read all of Sarah Waters’ novel. I’m not quite sure why I left this one til last- it’s her most famous novel after all- but I did enjoy it! It tells the story of Nancy, an oyster-seller’s daughter and her life in London after she meets a male impersonator. I found I was utterly, well and truly hooked on every page. Now I can’t decide whether this or The Night Watch is my favourite SW novel…

Who should I read now I’ve worked my way through Sarah Waters? Any recommendations for new books I should  get from the library?

You can see which books I’m reading in 2013 on Pinterest here– and 2012’s books here.



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