I spend a lot of my time daydreaming (well, as much as a baby will allow, obv.) I always have done- as a little girl, I was always imagining I had a pet horse (despite being afraid of them… weird) or what I would do when I grew up. Now I dream about different things, but I still imagine how my life could change or be different.


All images: Wikipedia

All images: Wikipedia

I’m not terribly well travelled; I’m not quite sure why this is- when I was younger, I was full of dreams of where I would go and what I would do there. Now we have the baby, I won’t really get very far for a while. But I figure that, as I’m 28, I still have plenty of time left to go to some places if I’m lucky!

  • Rome– I have always wanted to see Italy and Rome especially. It must be a bit like London in that history is everywhere you turn (I’ve seen Mary Beard’s programmes!), but on an epic scale. How things like the Colosseum has survived a couple of millenia is mind-boggling. I also may or may not have been influenced by Audrey Hepburn looking fabulous in Roman Holiday.
  •  Japan– Japan has always fascinated me. I am a proper Japanophile and I love pretty much everything that comes out of there, even the weird stuff on eBay. It’s a dream of mine to visit Kyoto in spring during the Cherry Blossom (sakura) festival. The festival is a big deal in Japan and I think it would be amazing to be a part of it. I might have to brush up on my Japanese though. Currently, all I can say is, ‘yes’, ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’, ‘thank you’, ‘cat’ and ‘I am an American engineer’ (true- I’m not making that up for comic effect.)
  • Versailles- I’ve been to Paris twice, but I’ve never got to Versailles. As someone who is very interested in Marie Antoinette, this will not do. So I would like to go and walk down the Hall of Mirrors, imagining all the aristocrats having to have a quick wee behind one of the curtains.
  • New York- New York probably smells and is, I imagine, quite a dirty city, what with all the fumes and stuff. But I would love to go there, preferably in the run up to Christmas, so that I can annoy Benn by saying lines from films such as Elf and Home Alone. I’ve never been ice skating, so how cool would it be to do it for the first time in one of the coolest cities in the world?


If I’m honest, my career trajectory hasn’t really worked out the way I thought it would and it may be on a change again in the future. If you’d asked me ten years ago where I would be now, work-wise, I would’ve hoped to be using my degree in a useful and suitable way as a features writer for some glossy magazine.

Now, I like the idea of being my own boss, either through freelancing (and actually having the confidence to get paid, perhaps) or owning my own business. However, Benn works in an area that deals with struggling businesses and so isn’t keen for me to start my amazing knitting-book-tea shop. Which is why in my head it is an AMAZING place and you can all come and have a cup of tea with me there. Maybe you could read my imaginary, best selling novel while you’re there.


Philippe Halsman: American actress Marilyn Monroe posing in her two bedroom apartment. 1952

I would like to drape myself over books. ALL THE TIME.
Image: pinterest


I’ve always said that I fancied living in Paris for six months to a year, but unfortunately (fortunately?!) that would mean abandoning my husband and son for a bit. I would like a house that had enough room for an extensive library. I’d like a friendly, well-trained dog and a garden that sorts itself out, until I fancy pottering around for a bit (without Benn doing his ‘scorched earth’ approach to gardening.)

Ah well. I can dream, right?!


One thought on “Daydreaming…

  1. Klina says:

    I’d love to work in your shop 🙂 Sometimes I fantasize about starting a yarnshop but I’ve seen my parents struggle with a business and lots of shops going out of business here in town…I won’t risk it. I’ll read your imaginary best seller if you read mine 😉

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