Lust list: Cool Jewels

Now, I’ve said before on Twitter that I’m not fashionable; I’d be a rubbish fashion blogger (“Oh, what’s her outfit of the day? Jeans and Converse AGAIN? Wow, groundbreaking.”) But one area I do have a soft spot for is jewellery. I’m definitely a brooch and bracelet kind of girl, but I could also be persuaded to try out a statement necklace or two, especially as I wear black t-shirts at work. So, I’d like to present you some of my picks and let you know that it is my birthday in four weeks.




Top row: Wooden fox brooch, Paisley necklace, Lady and Dog brooch

Bottom row: Flapper necklace, Crystal star cluster brooch, Magpie necklace

Foxes and Flappers and Magpies, oh my! I am essentially a magpie though, I love pretty things. What are your top jewellery picks? Any online shops I should know about?


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