Guilty Pleasures: The X-Files (and its many, many flaws)

My maternity viewing has been The X-Files. So far, in three and a half months, I’ve watched 78 episodes (and as I’m writing this in advance, I’ll probably have hit 90 episodes by the time you read this.) I loved it when I was a young teenager and now I’m older I’m noticing some… dodgy-ness. Such as the fact it’s really quite a cheap show. Not Crossroads/Acorn Antiques cheap, but fairly low cost compared to what would probably be spent on such a show now.


There are also certain things that happen so often to be absurd/be used as a drinking game. Feel free to use the following observations for X-Files bingo/recklessly partaking in shots.

Things that happen a lot to Scully in The X-Files:

  • She’s abducted (by aliens, psychopaths, generally dodgy types- all count)
  • She’s knocked out/almost killed
  • She wears white tights with black shoes (this gets better in later seasons. I think wardrobe hated her for a while.)
  • She says ‘Oh my God
  • She questions Mulder- but doesn’t question her faith in God

Things that happen a lot to Mulder:

  • He (or someone else) says “I want to believe!”
  • He mentions Samantha (yawwwwwwwwn)
  • He goes ‘rogue’ and no one can find him
  • He is knocked out/beaten up
  • He has a hunch that turns out to be right
  • He’s generally more naked than Scully (a nod to the lady X-philes amiriiiiiiight?!)

Things that happen a lot to both of them that would probably call into question their mental health/suitability for employment in the FBI:

  • Being hauled up to quarantine (so far- every season has one episode that requires this)
  • Someone they love is murdered/abducted
  • They’re disrespectful to their boss
  • They both go rogue/disappear for a number of days
  • They see dead people

Bonus points for noticing when actors and locations from earlier series are reused.

I know that I’m not meant to notice this stuff, as I’ve watched three and a half seasons’ worth of programmes in a very short space of time. But still.

Anything I’ve forgotten?


3 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures: The X-Files (and its many, many flaws)

  1. Jacquinda27 says:

    I have been re-watching it as well. I’m up to season 9 now and despite all the dodgy stuff (Nicholas Lea who plays Krycek is also in another episode as a completely different person for example) I still think it is the greatest show ever!

  2. Nomi says:

    I think it’s amazing that their chemistry, Anderson’s and Duchovny’s, and occasional bouts of good writing, were about all that held this show together. It’s riddled with plot holes, serious flaws, ridiculous stories, insane inconsistencies, and the charming way they had of never really explaining anything.

  3. timbo says:

    Rewatching the show on Netflix, I agree watching several episodes at once the plot flaws and redundancy on their plot turns becomes glaringly obvious. Despite this, it irks me when the writers fail to consider even elementary flaws that could be simply fixed. For example I just watched “ded kalm”, why was the water the corroding agent, but the entire ship, inside and out, was corroded, not just the hull?? If the fog was also corrosive, wouldn’t drinking the good water not made a difference? Having only the hull corroded and not the whole ship could easily have fixed this seemingly erroneous set design.

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