Seascape- Island Apothecary

Sometimes, life is serendipitous. I was offered some products from a company based in Jersey the day after I had been thinking how nice it would be to live there. Although I can’t really afford to relocate, the products I was sent from Seascape- Island Apothecary certainly helped to bring some of the peace of Jersey into my bathroom! All the products are made with natural essential oils and are paraben and SLS free, which is reassuring, particularly now I have a baby.

I was very kindly sent four products: Refresh Hand and Nail Cream, Unwind Bath Foam, Uplift Body Wash and Les Petits Body Lotion for D.

(You’ll have to forgive the lack of my own photos for this post- the light in my house is appalling. All images are from the Seascape Island Apothecary website)

Refresh Hand and Nail Cream (£10/75ml)

Refresh Hand & Nail Cream

I’ve written before  about how much I love hand cream; I’m a crafter and I need a good hand cream! Also, since having the baby, I use gallons of hand sanitiser, which can really dry my hands out. I can honestly say, as a die hard hand cream user, that this is one of the best hand creams I have ever used. I keep it in my handbag and bring it out frequently. The texture is thick and creamy without being heavy or sticky and the combined smells of lavender geranium, lemongrass and geranium (one of my all time favourite smells) is heavenly. It’s a very light, summery smell which was very much welcomed during the recent snowy weather!

Les Petits Body Lotion (£12/300ml)

Seascape Les Petits Body Lotion

I’m going to do a more detailed, baby-centric review of this product over on the baby blog, but I can say that I love this product for myself as well! The essential oils in this lotion are lavender and chamomile, so I’ve been using it both for myself and D last thing at night to help us sleep. It’s a lovely consistency (not too runny) and I love the dispenser cap, which makes it practical for applying the product. It sinks in really well and is very gentle on both D’s and my own very sensitive skin.

Uplift Body Wash (£16/300ml)

Uplift Body Wash

I’m trying to like showers more now we’ve had a water meter installed (yes, I know they’re better for the environment, but I am SUCH a bath girl at heart…) This body wash is fabulous though- perfect for the mornings and I’ve found I’ve been reaching for it when D has had a dodgy night and I’ve not been able to quite wake up! The combination of eucalyptus and lavender might seem odd, as they’re at opposite ends of the ‘wide awake’ spectrum, but they work beautifully  to balance each other out and to make a truly refreshing body wash. My skin felt lovely and soft as well. A definite repurchase!

Unwind Bath Foam (£16/300ml)

Seascape Unwind Bath Foam

I do cherish my baths these days- often it’s the first time in the day where I don’t have to worry about D and I can relax with a good book (at the moment it’s a Sarah Waters’ novel!) I cannot stress how much I LOVE this bath soak. I’m actually rationing it because I know I won’t be able to afford to repurchase it until I go back to work! The oils are Jersey lavender and ylang ylang, which is one of my all-time favourite combinations of essential oils. Such a pretty, feminine (without being overpowering) scent. The bathroom smells divine when I’ve been using this.

I honestly can’t speak highly enough of this range; it smells like a ‘natural’ range should and it looks SO pretty in the bathroom too. I think I’ll be buying some more of the baby products for D when we run out of his staples and I wouldn’t mind trying the shampoo and conditioners in the future. Meanwhile, I’ll have a nice long bath and dream of Jersey!


4 thoughts on “Seascape- Island Apothecary

  1. Lauren says:

    I’ve never been to Jersey, but I do like the look of these!
    Especially like the look of the body lotion, and the labels are very appealing to the eyes too!

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