Baking Challeng 2013: Bake #3 Peanut butter cookies

I’ve been quite busy this weekend, but I was determined to make the peanut butter cookies I had planned to make a couple of weeks ago; the recipe is from the Be-Ro baking book (which costs the princely sum of £2.50!)



Now, these don’t look like much (still getting the hang of the MONSTER oven we have in this house; I’ll have to post a picture one week, as it really is huge..) but they taste good. I would say, though, that they’re more buttery than peanutty, although that’s not a bad thing really. I think if I remade them I would perhaps add an extra dollop of peanut butter.

I liked the recipe because it said you could use either butter or margarine (I used butter) and it was fairly straightforward and quick. The only thing I changed was I rolled the batter into balls and then flattened with a fork. Because of the butter melting, the cookies became very big, very quickly! And despite Benn complaining that they ‘smelled funny’, he’d managed to scoff five of them before we went out for dinner with friends (our first outing out on an evening since D was born. Wine may have been consumed.) I may attempt something sweet for my next challenge, although it depends how my teeth are doing then- they’re still playing up, joy of joys!

Also- quick plug, but I’ve listed my embroideries on Folksy. I’d quite like to sell them, so please do take a look!


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