MUA Extreme Felt Eyeliner

Oh, MUA, I’m starting to think you’re only good for your eyeshadows and eye primer… everything else is just a bit, well, pants. Take for instance, this eyeliner pen. This is going to be the shortest review of a product I’ve ever writter, because why over-egg the pudding?

Make Up Academy Professional Extreme Felt Liner Black

Image: Superdrug

Now, for £2, I’m not expecting much, I’m really not. I know that MUA is a cheap and cheerful brand. But nearly ripping my eyelid off in the name of beauty is not what makes me cheerful and really makes this feel really cheap.

I’m a fan of eyeliner pens- they’re quick, simple and brilliant for lazy people like me. But really, I’ll just go back to my favoured Maybelline Master Precise. It does everything I need and I still have the bonus of my eyelids being left in one piece. Bravo!



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