Dream Dinner Party Guests…

You know that game where you pick your five dinner party guests? I decided to really put thought into it (and encourage other to blog about it too, if they fancied!) It’s really hard to pick five people, but I’ve had a go… the only rule is that they must be real people.


William Morris- I debated whether to include Oscar Wilde or Dante Gabriel Rossetti, but decided that they would dominate a dinner party too much, so in the end went with Mr Morris. I admire him on many levels: as a writer, an artist and a political thinker- I think he would be wonderfully interesting to sit next to and discuss the world with.

Josephine Baker- There is a man in Brighton who used to run an antique shop in Kemptown who knew Miss Baker rather well. She sounded like a proper diva- and deservedly so! As a pioneer of dance and a fellow Francophile, I think we’d get on quite well. She might also be able to teach me those Charleston moves I couldn’t fathom.

Freddie Mercury- I know in real life, Mr Mercury was quite a shy man, but I would like him to come and talk about music and maybe sing for us. I bet he had some real stories about touring the world!

Jean Harlow- The default Hollywood stars for this kind of thing are always either Marilyn or Audrey. As much as I love them both, I think Harlow is the star guest. Think about it- this is a woman who worked with both Clark Gable and Jimmy Stewart on a regular basis, was the reason the strict Hayes Code came into force AND she inspired two of the greatest icons of the 20th Century- Marilyn and Madonna. I’d love to know all the gossip from the early days of Hollywood!

Nancy Mitford- I had to think really hard about which Mitford I’d choose and it always comes down to either Jessica or Nancy. I chose the latter because I’ve just listened to a programme where Grace Dent discusses her and describes her as part “glamorous society vixen… and part pantomime villain.” Who wouldn’t want a guest like that? Love in a Cold Climate is also one of my favourite books. I think she would be fabulous and incredibly witty.

So, who are your dream dinner guests? If you write a blog post- link back to it in the comments!


9 thoughts on “Dream Dinner Party Guests…

  1. Hannah Ackroyd says:

    Ooh what an interesting list! I don’t think I’ve ever thought of it before! I have to say I think mine would be pretty writer heavy…Shakespeare, Dickens, Agatha Christie…other than that I don’t mind! I shall have to put some thought into this!

  2. Alice says:

    Mine is almost ready to be shared.. it’s taken me a week already to think of them though!

    Love yours, especially William Morris. and Freddie. Actually, especially all of them.

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