Twinings’ Floral Teas

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a sucker for anything floral flavoured (hence the reason I was given a load of rose and violet flavoured chocolate for Christmas. I can particularly recommend Fortnum and Mason’s Rose and Violet chocolate bar.) I’m also drinking A LOT of tea at the moment to keep warm and awake after night feeds. So recently I turned to Twining’s floral tea range to make my consumption more interesting; I ordered a box each of the following four varieties: Blossom Earl Grey, Rose Garden, Jasmine Earl Grey and Mulled Spice (I’m not really a fan of lavender with Earl Grey, so I passed on that this time.)


First off, I must say I adore the packaging of these teabags. I think there’s something very elegant and sophisticated about it which, when I’m covered in baby sick, seems a bit more glamorous than my current situation!

Blossom Earl Grey- I would say that this is the sweetest of the four and the floral taste is really lovely; slightly tangy and probably the most subtle. It’s not terribly citrussy (as the name might suggest), more a hint of a floral note over the usual bergamot Earl Grey flavour. Best time to drink this tea: When reading a really decadent novel, preferably with hot buttered toast.

Rose Garden- Fun fact: this was my drink of choice at my baby shower. In a pub. Rose is one of my all-time favourite flavours. It’s luxurious and girly and makes me feel like Marie Antoinette or someone (when she still had her head, of course.) Rose flavoured teas can be lovely or too strong; this one is just right, provided it’s not over-brewed. Best time to drink this tea: When getting ready for a big night out. With cake.

Jasmine Earl Grey- This surprised me, as I think it’s my favourite. Jasmine is not really my flavour of choice for tea usually, but it really works with the Earl Grey. It’s very perfumed, but the jasmine flavour is balanced out by the citrus flavour of the bergamot and it’s really quite wonderful.  I tend to drink this first thing in the morning, before I’m ready to function. This is definitely a repurchase! Best time to drink this: Early morning, before you (or the rest of the house) has properly woken up…

Mulled Spice- This is Twinings’ ‘Winter Edition’, which is a spiced Assam tea. Assam makes a good ‘winter’ tea, as it’s very rich and can take stronger flavours than, say, a Darjeeling (can you tell I used to write a tea blog?!) Although the flavours listed- cinnamon, cloves- make it sound like this is a chai, it’s really not. The mysterious ‘Christmas spice’ flavour gives this a much sweeter taste; it reminds me almost of a warm, spicy bubblegum-esque flavour. I’m still undecided as to how much I like this. Best time to drink this: Coming inside from the cold, looking for something to warm you up!

You can buy all of these teas from here.

Have you tried these? Which is your favourite? Which teas should I review next?


3 thoughts on “Twinings’ Floral Teas

  1. Fran (@skullsandponies) says:

    I love all of these too. That mulled spice one is amazing. Tastes just like mulled wine. As I’m off caffeine at the mo I’ve been drinking mango tea and this amazing one from twinings which is rooibos with cinnamon in or something. It’s lovely. Although I really need to get some teabags as the tea is too fine for my strainer!

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