Review: Natures Healthbox (and discount code!)

I was lucky enough to be sent some baby bits to review from Natures Healthbox, a new website that sells pretty much everything organic!


I was sent two packs of Beaming Baby Bio-Degradable nappies in midi (£7.49 for 40), some Beaming Baby Organic Shampoo and Bodywash (£3.49 for 250ml) and some ‘Morning Time’ herbal tea (£1.59 for 20 bags)

I must say that I really liked the nappies; they have a lovely smell (before the baby wears them!) and chamomile to help keep skin feeling good. They also did really well at keeping D dry overnight- the first time he wore one was the first night he slept for seven hours straight, so we were pretty impressed. They’re not quite as long-lasting as the usual brands, but then they don’t have all the plasticky bits either. I would say that these are brilliant for anyone who wants to be eco-conscious but can’t face washable nappies! Also, they’re not a lot more expensive than the usual options, so worth trying out if this is something that you think you might be interested in. I would say that the midi size is suitable for babies from around three months (as D is big for his age.)

The shampoo and bodywash is also very nice- it has that lovely, clean baby smell without all the nasties that some parents want to avoid. I’m actually very tempted to use this on my own hair, as the baby’s was so soft after using this!

Finally, the tea has been a lovely pick-me-up on cold mornings after broken sleep. I drink a lot of tea at the moment to keep warm/awake, but don’t always want loads of caffeine in my system. This has a very nice minty/fruity flavour that sounds a bit… odd, but tastes really nice. It’s a very refreshing tea and would be a great addition in a baby shower/new mum gift bundle!

I really like what Natures Healthbox is doing and I’m very interested to try some of their skincare- they stock well known brands such as Weleda and Green People, so I’m sure I can find something to work with my eczema! It’s great to find a website where you can buy pretty much anything organic you’d like. With this in mind, I’ve been given a code for my readers that can be used in conjunction with other offers on the site! So you could save up to 35% on some items! Simply add BLOGTASTIC2013 when ordering to receive 20% off your order. The code is valid until midnight on January 31st, so it’s a perfect way to stock up on goodies that you might fancy!

Also, if you’re interested in baby stuff, you might like to check out my baby blog


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