Review: Love and Leaf teas

Before I got pregnant, I drank a lot of tea and I blogged about it. I spent a year trying to find the perfect Earl Grey blend. I was kind of a bit obsessed.. Anyway, now that I’m no longer pregnant (and spending a lot of time at home), I’m back to drinking loads of tea. My favourite types are flavoured blends- black in winter and green in the summer. I’ve decided that this year I’m going to get back into reviewing teas, seeing as my sense of taste is the only one of my senses that seems to work at full capacity!

One of my recent finds, via the Beauty Balm blog, is Love and Leaf teas. As a way to try all four of the varieties currently on offer, I treated myself to Four Blend Gift Box, which is £22 inc. p+p (you can also buy a pack of two teas for £12.)

Image: Love and Leaf

Image: Love and Leaf

As you can see, the packs of twelve teabags come in really cute packaging! The four flavours:

Tick Tock Minty Choc: This one is Benn’s favourite- he swears it tastes better without milk (although I like it with!) It smells just like an After Eight mint, although is not as strong when brewed. The cocoa shells and peppermint combine to make a really nice, refreshing tea that is lovely first thing in  the morning!

Petal Pink Lemonade: This is the only herbal tea in the pack. This one has a lemongrass base, with lemon peel and rose petals combined to make a very refreshing, tangy brew. This is one I think I will prefer in the spring, as it’s a bit too light for my taste at the moment. However, unlike a lot of lemongrass based teas, the lemongrass in this is actually very good quality. It’ll probably make an excellent iced tea in the summer!

This Is It, Banana Split: My second favourite of the teas, this has a wonderfully creamy taste with lots of banana-y zing. The cocoa, vanilla and coconut make it seem a bit like a banana split in a mug. I think that this is a very cheerful tea for a cold winter’s day! (If that makes sense?!)

Toffee Apple Ahoy!: This is my favourite. I will have to buy more of this, as I think it’s my favourite tea of the moment (in fact, I wish that there were bigger boxes available!) The blend of tea, apple and toffee is just perfect and sweet without being overly so. I’m rationing my teabags out!

The teas come in mesh pyramid bags, which allows the tea to infuse evenly and is much less fiddly than my usual loose teas.

I don’t mind paying extra for unusual teas- in fact, it’s great to be supporting a small, new tea company and I look forward to trying new concoctions! (In fact, I would like to cheekily offer my services as a guinea pig, should any be needed!)

Do you fancy any of these?


3 thoughts on “Review: Love and Leaf teas

  1. Klina says:

    Good tea is worth paying for 🙂 The first two sound really nice. Properly brewed tea tastes so much better without milk! I only put milk in my tea when someone’s idea of a good cup of tea is to dump a teabag in the pot and let it sit there forever.

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