2012 Favourites: Beauty and skincare products

This is the last in the series of my 2012 favourites (I’ve looked at books, music and film already) and I thought I would do a round up of my favourite, most used products.

MUA Undressed palette

Image: MUA

Image: MUA

This is my everyday, go-to palette. I’ve been using it since June and I’m nowhere near finished with it. Mattes and shimmer mean that I can use this for any occasion and, as I’m a fan of bold lipstick these days, this is a perfect range of colours! And only £4? Total bargain. I reviewed it in more detail here.

Soap and Glory Thick & Fast mascara

Image: Soap and Glory

Image: Soap and Glory

I’ve been reviewing mascaras all year and this is a recent acquisition. I’ve not written a review yet, but here’s a spoiler: it’s my favourite so far! However, I have lots of mascaras in my collection yet to try and review, so it could be replaced in  my affections. However, at the moment, this takes the crown for 2012! Disclaimer: this could change.

MAC Lipsticks

Image: MAC

Image: MAC

I just love ALL OF THEM. Seriously, these are my favourite- I love the smell, the texture, the colours. Well worth the money, in my opinion.

Holika Holika BB Creams


These have been a go-to staple recently for me- quick and simple to use, I would say that ‘Watery’ (the green one) is my favourite and the one easiest to use. They’re also responsible for my most popular blogpost!

Argan 5+ Precious Oil Elixir


I’ve banged on about this before, but I do think it is truly in my top 3 products of the year. It’s a face, skin, hair and cuticle oil that does exactly as it says on the tin. I’ve been using it at least twice a week for MONTHS and it’s barely gone down. Such a good all-rounder, I recommend this every opportunity I get!

Superdrug Coconut Oil

Image: Superdrug

Image: Superdrug

The price of this has gone up since I wrote about it in the spring, but it’s still the best product I’ve discovered all year- less than £2.50 and it’s a great skin moisturiser and hair mask! Just fab.

What  have been your top products of the year?


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