New MAC lipsticks

A friend of mine recently went to the States and brought back some MAC lipsticks for me. Since falling in love with New York Apple a couple of months back, I fancied adding a couple more to my collection- and as they’re much cheaper across the pond, how could I refuse?

I knew definitely that I wanted Hot Tahiti, which is a subtle red. It’s got a ‘Glaze’ finish, meaning that it’s a good colour for those who are a bit weary of reds!


I like this a lot- it’s very moisturising and you get a decent wear time (a couple of hours, I reckon.) Don’t go for this if you want massive colour though. If that’s the case, you’re better off going for a lipstick from the other finishes, such as Cremesheen or Matte.

As you can see, it works well with my pale colouring and red hair. For my second lipstick, I did extensive research (read: I looked at blogs) and tried to find one that works with red-toned hair. Et voila- I found Charismatic!


I don’t look very charismatic in this photo.

This one is a bit more grown-up, I think. It’s got a ‘Lustre’ finish, so it’s high on shine and lower on wear time (probably about an hour-ish) In the tube, it’s not a terribly exciting colour- MAC list it as being ‘terracotta with gold’, but I think it suits me well and is a nice neutral colour that I can see myself wearing a lot for work when I go back. I much prefer it to my other neutral shades. I also like that it’s glossy without being sticky. I loathe lipgloss, so this gives a simple look without my hair getting stuck to it, hurrah!

So, would I rate these? Yes- especially if you’re of the pale persuasion, like me. I don’t usually pay attention to the finishes of lipstick, either, but these two have proved to me that less is more.

The dangerous thing? My friend is going back to America in February…


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