Dr Jart+ Regenerating BB Cream samples (with swatches!)

When I saw that Dr Jart were giving away samples of their BB creams on Facebook, I couldn’t resist. After all, bloggers have been going mad for their products and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something that I wasn’t sure about. I chose to try the Regenerating BB Cream, which is designed for sensitive skin.

Image: Easy Living

I’ve definitely got into BB creams a bit this year; they’re quick and very good for when I need a bit of a skin pick-me-up without lots of hassle. I’ve also come to think that Western BB creams don’t really have a patch on their Asian counterparts. Dr Jart+, like Holika Holika, is a Korean brand and so I had high hopes for the product.


The claim is that the product has lots of lovely ingredients to help the skin and keep it protected. It also has… snail secretion, something which I didn’t know until I put it on my face! Apparently it ‘hydrates and moisturises’, which is interesting. I can’t feel anything out of the ordinary, I just feel a bit.. “oh, I have snail goo on my face. OK.” I’m very accepting of all kinds of things these days.

As you can see from the pictures above, it’s got what I would consider a heavier consistency than other BB creams on the market, but it blends well. And whereas with the other BB creams I’ve sometimes felt a bit claustrophobic (I’m used to a powder foundation, as opposed to liquid), this has felt lovely on the skin. Perhaps those snails are helping?

I am very pale, but as you can see, once it’s blended and oxidised, it looks great. I find it gives excellent coverage of blemishes and, as promised, it stays put on the skin. My skin looks good overall and a little goes a long way- I think you could definitely build up to how much coverage you had. I put a little more under my eyes and dabbed a tiny amount of concealer there and was impressed with the bag-coverage! Also, it didn’t aggravate my eczema, so could be well worth checking out if you have super sensitive skin.

You can buy Dr Jart+ Regenerating BB Cream at Boots for £21 for 50ml

You can get samples from the Dr Jart+ Facebook page here


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