My favourite products to cover up a lack of sleep!

Ah, sleep. We don’t always get enough… whether that’s because of babies, partying or insomnia, there are times when we could do with more. Over the years, I’ve developed ways of dealing with it (I wouldn’t endorse the Cherry Coke and four Pro Plus tablets that got me through one demoralising shift at a supermarket after a heavy night as a student, though…) and recently I’ve had to work out quick, effective ways to help me get through a day without people telling me how tired/ill I look.


So, without further ado, here are some products that are making me look bright eyed and bushy tailed on the rare occasions I’m managing to put something on my face:


Images: Mememe, Boots, Collection, Miners, Stila

MeMeMe Beat The Blues- Pearl Pink (£5.50): This is brilliant at highlighting skin and making it look much fresher than it might actually be (my skincare routine is a little… haphazard at the moment.) I put this on my cheekbones and under my eyebrows to make me look wide awake and enthusiastic about the world.

17 Hide and Chic Eye Brightening Concealer (£4.99): Does exactly what it says on the tin, this is an everyday staple! It hides eyebags and brightens. I use a dab in the corner of my eyes as well, although if it’s been a really stressful night, I put this over a more conventional concealer. Overkill? Yes. But I need it.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (£4.19): I’d read rave reviews about this, but never bought it. Until now. Although I’m still in the early stages of testing this, I’m finding it’s great to cover the spots that I’m getting, due to the aforementioned neglected skin routine.

Miners Bronzer and Blusher Blend-Sunblushed (£2.99): I won this as part of a giveaway on Sophia’s blog a while back and I love it. It’s a really easy, quick way of adding colour to my pasty, washed out face. I find that the colour is subtle, but enough to perk up a tired complexion. Even better- it’s on sale at £2.99, so well worth trying.

Stila One Step Correct (£24): I reviewed this a few days ago and stand by everything I said. It’s brilliant at toning down sallowness and perking up tired skin. I will, probably, buy this again, despite the price tag. Just brilliant.

What are your sleepless savers?


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