How to: Tart up a Filofax with nail polish…!

When we were moving (that seems so long ago now…), I stumbled upon a Filofax my friend gave me years ago as a birthday present. Excellent, I thought, as a way of organising both real and blogging life. Except I wasn’t a fan of the plain pink any more. Anyway, it’s leather and I was determined to pretty it up, especially as my crafty mojo is nowhere to be seen at the moment.

There are loads of Filofax fan sites on the internet and, encouraged by my friend Skye on Twitter, I decided to do some research. I wanted something that could be reversible if I grew tired of it and also didn’t have the energy to pick up needles or hook, so I knew sewing/knitting/crochet were out. I decided to have a look around the house and maybe think outside the box (a phrase I hate, but one that is appropriate here, I suppose.)

I had some brilliant gold glitter nail polish that I figured might make an excellent accent to the pink and decided to crack out my thinking skills. I used washi tape as a guide for smooth edges and carefully painted on, using the brush in the nail polish, like so:

It took a couple of coats and lots of careful handy work, but I think it looks pretty good. I sealed the glitter with a clear nail polish that I don’t like using on my fingers- the glitter is gritty and I didn’t fancy it scratching things like my phone when in my bag. And voila, a finished, simply modified Filofax is born:

I think it’s simple, yet effective and I may do more modification- I didn’t want to go too overboard with my first go, in case I hated it. And yes, I have loads of nail polish left over, so I can match my nails to my organisational system if I fancy!

4 thoughts on “How to: Tart up a Filofax with nail polish…!

  1. skye says:

    oh this has turned out super well!! i wonder if it would be easy to remove if you wanted to change colours?! looks awesome though, i’m still in two minds about sewing a cover! x

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