Stila One Step Correct

I really like Stila products, but more often than not, can’t justify the price tag. However a while back, I saw the Stila One Step Correct for sale over on the Bright Town Girl blog, I had to snap it up. After all, a small baby equals lack of sleep, so I was going to need all the help I could get, right? This stuff is amazing.

Image: Stila

I had been using the E.l.f Correcting Powder, although I wasn’t massively keen on it, as I feel it has a habit of completely washing out my skin, which is never a good look when you’re surviving on three hours’ sleep. The One Step Correct is brilliant though, as it’s a gel formula, which soothes the skin as it goes on. There are three elements in the cool-looking helix formula:

  • green minimises redness (which works well on the eczema scars on my eyelids)
  • lavender counteracts ‘sallow undertones’, which makes skin look healthier
  • peach brightens and illuminates- apparently it also helps make sun spots look better, although I don’t have those!

Although it looks weird in the tube, the colours swirl together to create a neutral cream that blends seamlessly with my skin tone. Here is a terrible photo to illustrate how it looks when pumped:

You can use this without moisturiser, but I tend to use it over a moisturiser with an SPF and under foundation. I’ve found that it brightens and makes me look like I’ve had much more sleep than I actually have. I also really like the smoothness it brings to skin; it’s a good base for the rest of my makeup.

What I find difficult is the price tag. It’s £24 new and I just don’t know if I can justify that. However, saying that, I only use one small pump each time I use it, which seems not to make much of a dent in the product. So I will see how long it lasts and decide whether it’s worth the money.

Have you used this? Thoughts?


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