Eyebrow envy

I’m using the baby as an excuse to grow my eyebrows out. This pains me more than you’ll ever know… even in my current exhausted state, I’m still a little bit vain.

But what’s causing this obsession with your brows, I hear no-one cry. Mainly, this young lady:

File:Lily Collins TIFF 2, 2012.jpg

Image: Wikipedia

Those eyebrows are phenomenal. I mean, perfectly groomed, without looking like someone drew them on cack-handedly with crayons. I used to have eyebrows like this (although not as spectacular, I hasten to add), but then fell into the waxing trap. Oh yes, I looked polished. But in a fit of fiscal prudence, I decided to just ‘tidy up’ my brows and then fell into some sort of daydream. I, ahem, over arched myself (geddit?) and went a bit too thin.

Since then, I’ve sort of got my brows into a semi-decent shape, but I want more. I mean I want luxurious, well-groomed brows. Eyebrows are everywhere after all. Kate Middleton is all about the brows, Have I Got News For You mentioned last week that most presidential candidates who manage to get elected are the ones with the better brows.

I’m devoted to my eyebrow kits and my tweezers (which are these ones by Bourjois. Excellent value- £3.49!- and very good at what they do, too), but I’ve decided to not tweeze so religiously. It’s hard. I can’t quite leave them alone and am doing the bare minimum of maintenance. I think it’s going to be a long time until I get something I like the look of.

Until then, here are some other enviable eyebrows (all images from Wikipedia):


Audrey Hepburn

File:Elizabeth Taylor portrait.jpg

Elizabeth Taylor


Keira Knightley

How do you do your eyebrows? Any tips of how I can survive this growing out phase?


3 thoughts on “Eyebrow envy

  1. Lauren says:

    I am still in the growing out phase after a decade of over plucking the ‘bulbous’ bit if you know what I mean. I still pluck the strays from underneath, but daily you will find me battling with an eyebrow pencil to fill in the sparse bits. I decided almost 2 years ago that I wanted thicker brows with more shape, and i reckon it will be at least another year before I dont have to pencil the little shitters in. apparently vaseline on them overnight helps them to grow faster, but I am too unorganised to think about vaselining myself late at night, plus it would make a mess of my pillows.

  2. goodscoffs says:

    Full eyebrow team forever 🙂 one of my sisters favourite stories is when a nurse told me my eyebrows were a work of art! I still don’t know if she was taking the piss. I’d quite like to have them like Keira’s up there but it’s not my priority and my house is quite dark so it’s very easy to ignore the stragglers!

  3. Lizzie Owen (@mim_tweeta) says:

    There is only one way, go to Space NK…I know they’re pricey, but believe me, this works, then ask for Precision Brow Pencil by Kevyn Aucoin and to soften it out a bit, apply the Eye Brow Gel by
    Laura Mercier – seriously, get the girls in the shop to do it for you – I was shocked at how fantastic they looked afterwards and I’ve mastered it myself – you’ll love it…

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