Inspired: 1920s makeup

I predict that the world is going to go a little bit flapper-mad in the next few months; Baz Luhrmann’s  version of the The Great Gatsby will be released next year and there’s something a little bit 1920s about some of the looks that seem to be certain areas of the internet. Although I’m not a fan of the novel, I love the aesthetic; Daisy Buchanan will have a lot to answer for! (In fact, she’s the inspiration behind a range for Boots No7.)

The thing is, the 20’s look isn’t that difficult pull off if you know what you’re doing. This was the era that makeup came into its own and young women had more freedoms in what they could wear; makeup became cheaper and easier to apply, too. Makeup became all about rebellion, sexual allure and competition with men for jobs in a post-war economy.

The three elements to getting this right are: dark, rimmed eyes (use a good, black eye pencil on a fairly neutral eyeshadow), flawless skin and strong, shaped lips- preferably a good, deep red, using a liner to define the outline of your mouth. Mascara was used- although at the start of the decade, women would mix Vaseline with soot to get the desired effect. There was also a craze for bright blushers, particularly redder shades, although I think I would tone this down for a more modern take on the fun flapper look. Take Louise Brooks (main picture) and base your look on her!

I’ve picked some products that I think could serve as a guide for this look.

Blush: MeMeMe Blush Box 4 in Rouge (£8.50), MAC Lipstick in Brave Red (£14), MUA Lipliner in Red Drama (£1), Bourjois Smoky Eyes Pencil Intense Black (£5.49), No7 Deco Darling Eye Palette (£10)


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