Candles, candles EVERYWHERE!

I love autumn. I especially love burning a candle in an evening, choosing the fragrance according to my moods or the time of year it is. Personally, my favourite smells are fruity, spicy smells- especially in the run up to Christmas!

There are loads of lovely candles out at the moment and I thought I’d share some of my favourites (or favourite-sounding) candles- from a range of price brackets. So, budget or bling, there’s something for everyone!

Jonathan Ward London- Orange Opium (£35)


Citrus has always been an autumnal/festive scent to me (I think because we got a satsuma stuffed in our Christmas stockings.) This double wicked candle sounds like it’s a lovely, luxurious spin on the traditional fragrance- it’s a blend of four different orange oils. I only wish I’d found this in early pregnancy when I could only bear citrus smells! There’s also a reed diffuser and a mini reed diffuser. You can buy this candle here.

Rituals Sacred Fire Candle (£16.50)


I’m a long-standing fan of Rituals (I swear by their foaming shower gel in Yogi Flow) and I’m intrigued to see what this smells like; it’s a blend of White Patchouli with Cedar undertones, so I’m imagining something warm, inviting and cosy! I think this has the potential to be the candle that carries you from after Christmas to just before spring- but it is limited edition, so you’ll have to move fast. You can buy it here.

Boots’ Home Fragrance No 25 Mulled Wine and Cinnamon (£7)


I adore mulled wine AND cinnamon, so this candle really is Christmas for me! (I bought the set of three smaller candles for £8) It’s got a really festive scent and will be perfect for those cold nights in the run up to the bog day itself. Even better- they’re in the Boots 3 for 2! You can only pick these up in Boots stores, so do keep your eyes peeled.

I’m also burning my first Yankee candle- Apple Cider- which I picked up on eBay. It’s  a really sweet apple smell tempered by cinnamon, so really is autumn in a candle!

What are your favourite candles? Do you have any smells that you associate with autumn/winter? I’m looking for a really crisp, clean, wintery smell- all suggestions welcome!



4 thoughts on “Candles, candles EVERYWHERE!

  1. Maggie Dolores (@Maggie_Dolores) says:

    I have quite a few candles on the go at the moment – but none are smelly, because that makes my asthma bad (boo hiss) so instead, I splash out on nice candle holders. I got a nice one from Tiger the other day. It’s got a bird on the outside and gives a lovely glow.

  2. Nat - Tea, cake and make says:

    When you are more settled with your new baby I shall def have to pop over and let you see which Scentsy fragrances you prefer, there are so many ones I know you’ll enjoy as we have a lot of cinnamon, spicy and apple scented delights 🙂

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