Models Own Wonderland nail polish: Jack Frost

It’s weird. In the last couple of months, I’ve become really obsessed with nail polish. I confess, I used to hate it because I was rubbish at putting it on and was a bit of a perfectionist. But recently, I’ve discovered I like it and, shock horror, practice makes perfect- and that glitter hides all sins.

You know how some bloggers have a ‘statement nail’, onto which they carefully place some artful glitter? Yeah, no, that’s not me. When it comes to glitter, I’m a MORE IS MORE kind of girl, I don’t care how much of a bugger it is to get off. There is no nail polish in the world that cannot be improved with a bit (OK, a LOT) of glitter. Currently, I’m wearing Jack Frost from the Models Own Wonderland collection (£5), which in the bottle, looks like this:

I never understood why nail bloggers did the whole ‘holding the bottle’ thing, but now I do. This is hard work. Anyway, it’s a clear base with iridescent flecks of glitter that change with the light and really is quite beautiful. I’ve become quite obsessed with it.

But a single coat on a black polish (Barry M, if you’re interested) in natural light looks like this:

(I took this photo whilst standing in the middle of the street, in order to get an accurate representation of the colour. I’m that dedicated.)

What I really like about this is that it’s got the potential to look completely different depending on what the base colour is. I’ve got plans to see how this looks on Essie’s Stylenomics and Headmistress colours in preparation for Christmas. Because the closest I’m going to get to partying/glittery fun this year is a small glass of Bailey’s and and some rubbish fairy lights. I keep finding myself wiggling my fingers to see what it looks like under different sorts of light. I’m easily amused like that.

This is my first Models Own polish and I really, really like it. The Wonderland range is designed to be more of a ‘grown up’ kind of glitter and I’m already coveting the Wonderland box set (£20), especially for the ‘Blizzard’ shade, which has chunky, hand-cut glitters. It really is a thing of beauty… swoon.

Are you a fan of glitter polishes? Do you have any of these?

(You can buy Models Own polishes here or from Boots)


2 thoughts on “Models Own Wonderland nail polish: Jack Frost

  1. skye says:

    eurgh, it’s gorgeous!! i love polishes like that- different under certain lights and with different base coats- it makes them far more exciting! and the box set looks amazing, i may have to put blizzard on my christmas list x

  2. skye says:

    also, i realise i used “eurgh” which would suggest gross, but trust me, when something is that pretty it’s “eurgh” in a good way.

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