Guest Post: Don’t be scared of bright pink lipsticks!

Today, one of my favourite bloggers, Tereza of Cityscape Bliss has kindly agreed to write a post about a lipstick shade that many (including me!) find scary- bright pink! 

Don’t be afraid of bright pink lipsticks…especially in autumn! I get it that THE lip colour for autumn is burgundy/deep red, but when you think about it – isn’t the awful dark & gloomy weather a reason to wear a bright lipstick rather than a dark one? Well, at least I think so. There’s no easier way to brighten up your day than slap on some cheerful colour on your face (although bright pink eye shadow might be a tad too much even for me). I picked up the brightest lipsticks I’ve got in my collection and swatched them for you, I’m sure you’ll find at least one that you could give a go & wear no matter where you are – if it’s rainy London or foggy Prague.

Oriflame in Pink Satin is a really nice, almost balm-type of lipstick. It’s from a collection called Power Shine Satin – because it’s got two cores – one that gives you a lovely shine & one that covers your lips in a satin powder – yes, it’s as good as it sounds! It’s definitely one of those toned-down pinks, but it still is pretty bright against pale skin!

MUA in Shade 3 is a darker, slightly more autumnal shade of pink, almost a wine colour to be fair. The formula is super moisturising, ergo it’s not very long-lasting. For a quid though, you can just re-apply it anytime! What I love about this one is that it doesn’t fade in patches on me – yay!

Topshop’s Brighton Rock is one of the brighter pinks – it’s slightly more warm-toned though than the ones to come. I think that in real life it looks a tad more pink than here, but it does have that little tinge of red in it. It’s very creamy, yet long-lasting. It stays for good few hours on me before I need to reapply it.

Topshop’s All About Me is one of my absolute favourite lipsticks – ever! I think it goes amazingly with brown hair as it’s got a slight cooler undertone to it. It’s super long-lasting and fairly drying, so you’ll need to apply loads of lip balm/treatment in the evening when you take it off!

And the last one from the little Topshop series is Legend. This one is from a limited edition of Louise Gray. I made a little squeal when I bought it – the packaging is so pretty! And the colour is literally full on neon. My boyfriend laughs at me when I wear because it’s so bright, but I still think it’s gorgeous. It’s pretty moisturising for a Topshop lipstick, yet it stays on for at least 2 hours before it starts fading.

Then we’ve got a little cheeky number from Poundland – Chit Chat in Damson. These got onto my radar because some people started saying they were dupes-ish for Revlon chubby sticks. I think they do resemble them in the looks, but that’s it. They are not as moisturising as Revlon sticks are, yet not as drying as regular lipsticks. This one has got a tad of a reddish undertone so would be a good try for those of you who find reds to be more comfortable to wear!

And finally – the beaut I got from Stephanie! I never really thought about picking up a Sleek lipstick, but ay – how wrong was I?! Amped is the coolest (as in tone & awesomeness) bright pink lipstick I’ve seen. And the most long-lasting! I literally have to scrub my face to get it off, but seriously – it’s worth it. It’s going to be brilliant for winter – the cool undertone will look even better with paler skin and a bit of snow lying around!

Thank you to Tereza for doing this for me (and demonstrating what good photos actually look like!) Please do check out her blog and Twitter (@cityscapebliss) for all sorts of lovely reviews and posts!

Do you feel brave enough to wear any of these lipsticks? Or are you like me and a die-hard fan of a certain colour?



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