Review: Love Your Skin Body Moisturising Gel

Following on from my review yesterday of Love Your Skin’s Bath and Shower Cleansing Gel, I’d like to share my thoughts about its sister product, the Body Moisturising Gel (£16.99/200ml).

My skin has been driving me mad recently; as my bump has grown (considerably!), the skin has been stretched and itchy to the point of me having moisturisers stashed in fridges, drawers, by my bed and in my bag. This one is one of the stars of the last couple of weeks.

The water-based, gel formula means that it’s a soothing, cooling moisturiser that offered almost instant relief. It contains collagen (which is ALWAYS a good sign in anything skin related, particularly if you want said skin to heal and regenerate!), as well as Aloe Vera and Evening Primrose, both massively skin-friendly ingredients.

I like the pump on the bottle- it makes it very easy to dispense after a shower and four pumps is just enough for my needs. It also means that the gel will be long lasting and good value for money.

Personally, I found this worked best on targeted areas- I prefer a thicker moisturiser on my legs and so on. I’ve not tried, as recommended, to use this on my face with my regular facial moisturiser, but this is something I might consider doing when the really cold weather hits and I need an extra barrier against the elements.

I think where this would come into its own would be in the summer as a cooling after-sun type moisturiser, kept in the fridge, or for sore, healing skin. A lovely moisturiser all round!

*This was sent to me for review purposes*


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