Review: Love Your Skin Arnica Bath and Shower Cleansing Gel

I was recently offered the chance to try some products that would soothe my itchy, annoying, pregnant skin and chose to try the Love Your Skin Bath and Shower Cleansing Gel (£12.99/200ml) and the Body Moisturising Gel* (£16.99/200ml)

The Love Your Skin philosophy is to produce skin care that is inspired by the “simplicity and power of nature, perfected by science and will always be a pleasure to use.”

The Bath and Shower Cleansing Gel contains arnica, a plant traditionally used to help heal skin. With stretchmarks and eczema a-plenty, my skin definitely needs some TLC! I have used this as both a bath and a shower gel and was surprised at just how cleansed my skin felt after use. I also found that my stretchmarks did not itch as much and felt soothed. A bonus for this is that it is suitable after childbirth, so will hopefully help me heal in the time after Fidget is born.

This product really came into its own though last weekend, when both Benn and I contracted norovirus. It was just what we needed when we felt awful- the gel made us feel clean and refreshed at a time when we really felt otherwise! The smell wasn’t overpowering and was something that delicate constitutions could happily cope with.

Although I wouldn’t have bought this based on the smell initially, I am a convert; it’s a fresh, clean smell. Love Your Skin have added two of my favourite essential oils, lavender and geranium, which also makes this a perfect bedtime bath gel.

My only gripe (and it is tiny- and personal preference!) is that if I could change the product, I would put it in a bottle with a ‘proper’ lid for bath times. The pump is great for showering, but a bit on the stingy side for someone who likes lots of bubbles! However, this is just me being picky and I could decant some into a little bottle if I so wished. On the plus side, the pump does mean it lasts longer, so it’s not so bad.

Overall, a great product that has been a real saving grace chez Pomfrett over the last couple of weeks and very good value for a luxury bathing product.

*I’ll be reviewing the Moisturising Gel tomorrow.

Have you used this? Fancy trying it?


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