Review: DuWop lipsticks in Private Nude and Private Plum

I was recommended the DuWop Private Nude lipstick a few weeks ago during a chat on Twitter. I was looking for a neutral lipstick for work (as I’ve said before, I’m a massive fan of red lipstick, which is not always suitable for work!) I was intrigued, as the DuWop Private lipsticks ‘adjust’ to your pH levels to give you a perfect shade for your skin tone. As I tend to run to the ‘milk bottle white’ end of the spectrum, I figured this could be interesting.

Private Plum (Image: Look Fantastic)

(I tried to take photos of the lipsticks. The light was all wrong.)

However, the £18 price tag was a bit steep for me (so imagine how delighted I was  to find both Private Nude AND Private Plum on sale for £6 each at Asos; alas, they seem to be out of stock now.) I figured I could live without the Private Red at full price, as I’m happy with my red collection!

Duwop Private Nude

Private Nude (Image: Look Fantastic)

The first thing I noticed with these lipsticks is the sleek packaging- it’s really lovely and sturdy. I felt quite sophisticated pulling this out of my handbag at work for a little touch-up!

The next thing I noticed was the smell. It totally took me back to the 1990s, when magazines such as Sugar and Shout used to give away hideous Constance Carroll lipsticks in garish “Suits everyone!” shades. It’s that kind of a smell. Pretty surprising for an expensive, upmarket product.

I also think that the shades are a bit… 90’s too. Nude was definitely overdone in the late 90s/early 00s (oh, hi, Jennifer Aniston!) and I think that this has led me to be ever-so-slightly cautious with these colours. Also, they go from one extreme to another.

Top: Private Plum/Bottom: Private Nude

After putting each lipstick on, I badgered Benn for about five minutes asking, “Has it changed yet? Now?” whilst looking in a mirror for any discernible change. Eventually, tiring of my going on, he would reply, somewhat wearily, “Yeees. Sort of?” So, you know, don’t buy these expecting any mad changes in pigment or anything. At best, there’s a teeny, tiny adjustment. At worst, it’s all in your mind.

What I would say in their defence is that they are very moisturising and would probably, as they are, suit many skin tones. It’s just that I’ve had to adjust my mind to wearing them myself. I’ve worn both to work and not felt self-conscious. They are also very long lasting. (Bonus points for being cruelty free, by the way.)

Am I glad I didn’t pay full price though? Oh, yes. It’s a shame that there doesn’t seem to be anywhere offline in the UK where you can try before you buy them though!


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