The psychology of wanting stuff

Last night, I couldn’t sleep and, for some reason, I decided to see if the Marilyn Monroe collection for MAC had been released in the UK (it had, at midnight it appears.) I tweeted that I would have to pop into Brighton once the bug I’ve been suffering from had cleared up. But why? Why would I ‘have’ to?

Because I am a marketer’s dream. I am easily led.


The thing is, I would be after the two lipsticks on the left- Pure Zen and Scarlet Ibis.  But my rational mind can break down my reasoning quite clearly and my ‘ohmygodImusthavethis’ part of my brain has to accept fact.

1) What makes these lipsticks different to all other lipsticks? They have Marilyn Monroe on them? It’s a nice photo and, unlike a lot of people who make up Pinterest boards of quotes she supposedly said, I have seen most of her films (even ‘Asphalt Jungle’, which is OK), so I guess I could be counted as a bona fide fan. Still, do I ‘need’ a lipstick with MM’s face on it?

2) I like MAC, but I don’t own any of their lipsticks The world has never ended because of this. Also, they do similar shades in their regular lipstick line, which if we’re splitting hairs, costs £1.50 less per tube. So you’re paying for a nice photo. Also, I already have red lipsticks and a nude shade that I’m not even sure suits me. So why do I need another?

3) OMG, but they’re LIMITED EDITION! Just because Elle magazine predicted a sell-out, doesn’t necessarily make it so. I can put it on my Christmas list and, if they’re still in stock then, great. If not, I can suck it up like a big girl.

The problem with reading beauty blogs is that there is a lot of hype around a small number of products. Sometimes, I buy into it (I own a Revlon ‘Just Bitten’ balm stain, for example) and sometimes, I need to know when to stop. I could buy a lipstick on the premise that a) I won’t have much disposable income for much longer and b) sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself to something you like but, on weighing up the evidence, I think that this is one of those times where I can probably sit it out. For the same price as this, I could get a couple of other things that would be as luxurious (in my mind) and be worn much more often.

Have you ever bought into blog-hype and regretted it later? What products have been worth it? And, more importantly (!), will you be buying some Marilyn for MAC?


2 thoughts on “The psychology of wanting stuff

  1. Sophia says:

    I like the lipstick shades. Well, the red one, the two you like. The thing is with MAC, I like swatching them first. And by the time I get to a store where that is possible, the shades I want are usually sold out. So me getting any is doubtful.

    When the Hey Sailor! collection came out in the summer I ‘treated myself’ to Sail La Vie, a lovely coral red. And it is lovely. Just a touch too bright for my skin tone, and I hardly wear it.

    I never ‘need’ anything. It’s pretty much always about want with me, unless it is in reference to hygienic beauty products. But that’s why I did The 100 Day Challenge, and I do think it has had a positive effect 🙂 The fact I still have money in my bank at the minute despite my student loan coming Monday, is amazing. I’ve made a loan which I spend in three months usually, last 6. Not bad ey?

    Great post 🙂 xo

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