Review: FashionistA custom palette and eyeshadows

I’d been eyeing up these palettes every time I went into Superdrug; heck, I’d even written about how lovely I thought they were. Anyway, after a rubbish week at work a couple of weeks back, I decided to take the plunge and take advantage of the special offer that meant I could buy a palette and four inserts for £10. This is particularly bargainous when you consider that separately, the palette costs a fiver and each eyeshadow is £4.

Top row (left to right): Stylish, Exclusive Collection

Bottom row (left to right): Cosmic shade 1, Bewitched shade 1

I deliberately chose colours that I knew either I would wear lots (the top row) or colours that I didn’t have that could be used as smudge colours on the corners of my eye. All four of these colours work pretty well together and look really good once eyeliner and mascara have been applied- they just look really put together. They are a bit shimmery though, so I don’t tend to wear them for work! There can also be a bit of fall-out from them when I put my eyeshadow brush on them, so be careful if you’re wearing black (like I always do..) I find that with my trusty MUA primer that they last a good long while too. (Is anyone else impressed at how the more ‘budget’ eyeshadows are really gaining staying power? They used to be SO rubbish, didn’t they?)

What I love especially about this though is the palette. The mirror is HUGE and is quickly becoming my go-to for putting all  my makeup on. I also really like that I can swap and change inserts, which would be brilliant for travelling. Next time we go away (which will probably be a long, long time away!), I would probably pop a blusher in there.

I’m quite tempted to try other bits in the FashionistA range- what would you recommend?


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