Autumn Wishlist

Although the days are still clinging on to some summer warmth, the mornings are colder and the nights are beginning to show signs of drawing in. Like many, my thoughts begin to turn to autumn loveliness. Here’s some bits that I think would seriously enhance my autumnal experience…

Whittard’s Hot White Chocolate Rhubarb (£5.50)

Image: Whittard

I miss Whittard’s (in Brighton, it’s been replaced by a perfume store that seems to specialise in Justin Bieber fragrances..) I’m not really drinking tea at the moment and I can’t drink coffee, so hot chocolate is the drink of choice. I think this would be a perfect autumn drink, although I would happily settle for the lemon meringue or cherry varieties..

Just Sew Stories- Katie Allen (£11.89, available for pre-order)

Image: Hardie Grant

I have a confession to make- Katie is a good friend of mine and I’m thrilled to see her new book is about to be published! The book showcases 25 crafts from easy to, er, not-so-easy and I can’t wait to get my mitts on it… my pre-order is already in.

Gold Dust- Tori Amos (£12.00 Amazon)


I love Tori and I am really looking forward to hearing this- she’s reworked some of her favourite tracks from the last twenty years of her music. One of my favourite Tori tracks, Winter, is included; it is such a beautiful track, I’m looking forward to seeing what she’s done with it.

Essie nail polish in Stylenomics



I don’t even know if a) this will be released over here as a single shade (as opposed to being in a ‘collection’ or b) how much it will be. All I know is, it is beautiful- I’ve been after a dark, gloomy green for ages and this fits the bill. Very Pre-Raphaelite!

What’s on your autumn wishlist?


5 thoughts on “Autumn Wishlist

  1. Carolina says:

    The Tori Amos album is on my wishlist too. Recorded with a Dutch orchestra! It kind of freaks me out that the woman doesn’t seem to age, excellent skincare products or vampire?

  2. Nat - Tea, cake and make says:

    That hot choc looks amazing! Think I might have to try some. Plus that nail polish looks lush! I have so many projects on my crafts ‘to do’ list that I must restrain myself from buying any craft books.

    On my Autumn wishlist is some pumpkin spice syrup, am hoping that someone can send me some from the US!

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