From South Korea, with love: Tony Moly skin care samples

I have recently become a big fan of South Korean makeup brands- I buy them from eBay and, as they don’t command big prices/have a massive following, I can be fairly confident that I’m buying genuine products. I love the cute packaging and, if you’re willing to wait slightly longer for it to be delivered, you get a good product for the money. Recently, I’ve been using a few different products (which I will be reviewing in due course over the next few days!) and I have received little sample sachets of the following three products. I thought I would try them and maybe introduce you to a new skin care favourite! All three products are from Tony Moly.

Clean Dew Broccolli Sprout Cleansing Cream– I was pleasantly surprised by this! It smells fruity and has a very, very gentle cleansing action. I put it onto dry skin, in much the same way that I do my cold cream, and then rinsed off with cold water. My skin felt soft, clean and not at all irritated (I was prepared for stinging and/or tightening, neither of which happened!) The texture is a thin cream with tiny green beads that disappear as you massage them into your skin. Brilliantly, it took even stubborn eye makeup off (Tony Moly’s Cat Wink mascara and Max Factor’s difficult to budge eyeliner.) I am seriously tempted to buy this as a full sized product, if only because the packaging is so. cute.

Red Appletox Honey Cream- I used this straight after cleansing my face and I was a bit… bemused. It smells amazing, just like an actual apple, but it’s really sticky. Apparently this is a good thing that helps restore skin’s elasticity, but I’m not a fan. It’s also the most expensive of the three products if you wanted to buy it (although it does come in a fun apple-shaped pot!) Tony Moly claim that it’s antiseptic, which I can understand; I have been known to put neat honey onto spots, so I’m not surprised! I used it as a night cream and my face did feel smooth the next morning- I’m not sure I’d wear this under makeup, if I’m honest.

Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack- This is Tony Moly’s best selling product and has recently been subject to a relaunch. It used to be a ‘brightening’ face mask, but now claims to  have ‘whitening’ properties (I’m already milk-bottle pale, btw.) However, I can say that, as a simple face mask, this is excellent. It’s really smooth on the skin and tingled when it was first put on my face, although it didn’t irritate my sensitive skin or my eczema-y bits. Texture-wise, it’s one of the thinnest masks I’ve ever used, but that is by no means a bad thing; a little goes a looooong way and it’s easy to smooth into the skin. I don’t think it ‘brightened’ my skin any more than a normal face mask would, but it did feel very gentle. Afterwards, my face didn’t feel tight or uncomfortable, which is something that does tend to happen with some face masks. Oh, and it doesn’t smell like tomato.

If you want to try any of these products (or other South Korean skincare), I recommend cosmeticmarket2012 on eBay- very often products have free p+p and you will be sent samples.

Have you tried any Tony Moly? Are you tempted?


9 thoughts on “From South Korea, with love: Tony Moly skin care samples

  1. lim3lin says:

    I use Korea beauty product. Is not bad at all. Have you hear about Skin food product? I love that brand. I get it from e-bay too because is more cheaper then retail price in my country.

  2. D @ says:

    Ohh nice samples. I did have the Tomatox one and I think I had the cream one instead of the massage pack. Can’t really remember now though since that was ages ago. I do love some of Tony Moly’s products, but I love their cherry red lip tint right now which is a bargain price for two cute little ones. 🙂 So glad to find another Korean beauty enthusiast. 🙂

  3. Jill says:

    Love Tony Moly products! I use trhe appletox gel but do n ot find it sticky at all. Beautiful crisp scent and great for oily skin.

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