Lust list: Inspired by the solar system…

Have you noticed the trend for planet-like makeup? I’ve been fascinated by some of the gorgeous marbled eye-shadows, blushers and bronzers that are currently a ‘thing’ and I must admit, I’m in a covetous mood.

I first saw this when looking at FashionistA in Superdrug- I still haven’t taken the plunge and bought myself one of their palettes, despite the fact that you can currently buy the empty palette and four inserts for the princely sum of £10. I think the problem is that I find it hard to make a decision (typical Piscean, yes?) and I would have a hard time choosing four shades!


I also noticed that Accessorize do the same sort of thing but bigger and for the same price as a smaller, single FashionistA shadow if you’ve got your heart set on one particular shade…


The one brand I have some experience with (and a review is on its way!) is Vivo– I bought their blusher on a whim and noticed their Baked Shimmer palettes. Unfortunately, the Tesco I saw them in didn’t have much choice, but if the eyeshadows are as good as the blusher, I have high hopes.


I’m not really a planet geek, but I just love how lovely these look! Have you used any of these? Which are your favourites?


3 thoughts on “Lust list: Inspired by the solar system…

  1. Belle du Brighton/Lauren says:

    I have a similar eyeshadow that I bought on a whim from one of macs overpriced collections a few years ago, its burgundy and silvery in a similar mix, but I find it hard to use, mainly because they’re not easy to wear colours on their own… I think one with lighter shades would be more wearable (like the first image) BUT I do have a really nice highlighting/shimmery type thing from accessorise that thinking about it could be used as an eyeshadow perfectly acceptably…

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