A few of my favourite things for September

Believe it or not, I don’t actually buy enough stuff for this to be a regular feature (I know, Twitter followers, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true!) But there are a few things that I’ve loved using over the last few weeks.

1. My favourite thing in my handbag- Figs and Rouge Rambling Rose Balm (£4.99)

Image: polyvore.com

I discovered this balm a couple of weeks ago and I am obsessed. It’s lovely stuff and I have bought tins for friends. The ladies at Figs and Rouge were kind enough to send me a cute little tin of their Rambling Rose to try and I love it. It’s an excellent base for otherwise drying lipsticks.

2. My favourite bit of makeupBenefit Velvet Eyeshadow in ‘Bikini Line’ (£13.50)

Image: beautive.com

Now, I know I’m all about thrifty makeup these days and that Benefit is one of those brands I’ve mentioned dupes of, but this is something that’s been lingering in my makeup bag for a while, barely used. It’s an excellent, neutral eyeshadow for days when I just want to whack a bit of eyeliner on and not have any fussiness in my makeup (totally daft name though.) Rest assured though, when this runs out, I’ll be after an MUA dupe!

3. My favourite hand cream- L’Occitane Delice des Fleurs Rose and Violet hand cream (£8.00)

Image: polyvore.com

I reckon this is discontinued or was a Christmas special, as Benn got me a little set with three hand creams last year. Anyway, I’ve just got round to using this and it’s lovely. I’m obsessed with the smell of rose and violet (one of my all-time favourite sweets is rose and violet creams. If ever you needed proof I was an old lady before my time, there you go..) and this is beautiful. I find that L’Occitane make excellent hand creams for when the weather is not too cold.

What are your top three products at the moment? Anything I should be trying out?


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