To buy or not to buy: e.l.f products

I thought I’d do a different take on this review; as e.l.f is only available as mail order in the UK, it makes sense to buy a load of stuff in one fell swoop- especially when it’s 30% off. Here’s my take on a range of products and whether I’d buy them again or not (crafty how I included that in the title, eh? Hopefully Shakespeare will forgive me for slightly misappropriating Hamlet’s famous line in the pursuit of beauty…)

1. Daily Brush Cleaner (£3.75)

I admit, I am a slattern when it comes to washing my brushes. So, I figured, I’d at least have a fighting chance at keeping them relatively clean with this. Oh, how wrong I was. I hate the smell of this- it’s really chemical-y. I also found that I didn’t like the effect it had on my brushes. Some people really like this, but it’s a bit of a no-no for me; I’ll just keep trying to remember to wash my brushes on a semi-regular basis with my shampoo.

Would I buy this again? No.

2. Makeup Mist and Set (£3.75)

I have to be so careful not to get this and the previous product mixed up, otherwise I’d have a problem. Unlike the brush cleaner, I really like this. It doesn’t really smell of anything and is quite refreshing, although I still jump every time I spray it onto my face. I find that makeup does last a bit longer with this on, particularly in hot or wet weather. I tend to spritz it before I put my my mascara and lipstick on, so that everything else is set.

Would I buy this again? Yes!

3. Complexion Perfection (£3.75)

This one is a bit of a conundrum to me. I don’t think I’ve quite worked out the best way to use it. Each of the colours is designed to neutralise any imperfections- you’re supposed to use the colours separately for targeted concealing, or swirl them together to give an overall evening of skin colour. It’s fairly chalky, which is good for my oily bits, but I can’t for the life of me work out whether it’s best to use under or over foundation/BB cream. I tend to use it underneath, especially when I’m feeling a bit peaky (I also realise it’s a weird thing to want to take out all the colour from my face before I start putting it back on.) Anyway, I think I like this…

Would I buy this again? Yes. I think. Ask me in a few months.

4. Blush in Tickled Pink (£3.75)

I am constantly frustrated with blushers. They’re often too light, or I’m too light-handed with them. This one is just… meh. There’s pigment in there, but it doesn’t seem to translate to my actual face. I think I might just stick to tints, as I seem to have better results with them.

Would I buy this again? Nope. Maybe I would be tempted by the cheaper ones though.

5. Powder Brush (£1.50)

This is cheap and cheerful, so I’m not going to hate it too much, although I do think having used Ecotools exclusively for a good couple of years, I’m spoilt. It’s a bit scratchy and sheds, but I have more expensive brushes that do that, too. I would consider buying more of these as sort of ’emergency’ brushes for when my others are drying after their rare wash.

Would I buy these again? Maybe.

6. Lipstick Lock Pencil (£3.75)

I’m not sure what I thought this would be, but what it actually is is a pale wax pencil that’s meant to seal in your lipstick. Maybe because I don’t have wrinkles round my mouth, it doesn’t do much (except pick up excess lippy.) Maybe if you were a lady of an older persuasion who liked lippy and had fine lines round your mouth it would be good. For me, it’s just a tidier-upper.

Would I buy this again? Nope.

So, to sum it up, e.l.f has lived up to its hit and miss reputation, which means my favourite elf will probably always be this one:


(All product photos:


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