Bargain! Select Specs review

I love wearing glasses (except when it’s raining!) I think a good pair of specs can really add an extra dimension to your face and say something about your personality. What I don’t like is paying an absolute fortune for them! (I recently had a bad experience with glasses in a high-street chain, which put me off a bit.)

Enter Select Specs, an online-only glasses retailer. I was offered the chance to try a pair from their economy range, where prices go up to a very reasonable £22.50. I chose a pair similar to my original style, a pricey Oasis frame, but at a fraction of the cost- £14.95!

The Select Specs pair is the top pair- I chose a brown frame, as I wanted to see whether this colour would suit me better than the black of the original pair (and at such a price, it’s not a massive gamble to take, is it?)

Bit of a blurry photo, but you can see that the glasses look pretty good! (And weirdly, match my hair colour. Unintentionally.)

To check whether the frame would be the right size, I measured my own glasses and checked the dimensions of frames on the site. This was actually quite fun, as I was looking at styles I never normally would consider. The frames are a sturdy plastic and lighter than my original frames. What’s also brilliant is that the free lenses are UV protected, with anti-glare and scratch resistance (crucial when your friend’s baby tries to pluck them from your face and almost drops them…)

I’ve dealt with online glasses retailers in the past and never been very impressed with their customer service. Select Specs were fantastic when, in a fit of forgetfulness, I forgot to actually give them my prescription. D’oh. However, using their online chat service, I spoke to a very nice representative, Marina, who helped me sort that out quickly.

Once I’d ordered my glasses, they arrived within two weeks- a bit longer than if you’d gone to a shop, but so worth it, considering the price. These are the glasses I prefer wearing and I’ve already decided that I will be buying some prescription sunglasses from Select Specs in the future!


4 thoughts on “Bargain! Select Specs review

  1. Cityscape Bliss (@cityscapebliss) says:

    Oh, they look so pretty on you! I ordered glasses with them but still waitin for delivery. These brown ones look stunning on you! I normally wear black ones as well, so took the risk and went for.. gray! I’m slightly worried I’ll look like a nan in them haha but for the price, you really aren’t riskin too much! By the way, I love how they matchin your hair colour, they look perfect for autumn!:) xx

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