My favourite Superdrug dupes

Superdrug is really coming into its own as the mecca for budget beauty finds and I love going in every so often to see what’s new. I have written a ‘Best of British Budget Beauty’ post for Every Bliss, which I hope will be up soon, but I thought I would share some of my favourites on the blog too.

The Benefit dupes

Image: Mememe Cosmetics

There seems to be a slew of Benefit dupes coming onto the market and, as someone who is a massive fan of both Benetint and Moonbeam (but not the price), I’ve been interested to see how these compare. I’ve yet to try Mememe Cosmetics‘ Pussy Cat, but from what I’ve seen in store, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Beat the Blues Moonbeam is gorgeous- I discovered it when A Thrifty Mrs mentioned it on her blog. It is just as good as the Benefit original and I much prefer it to a pricey No7 highlighter I use (more on that another day!)

Price comparison:

Benetint- £24.50/Pussy Cat- £5.25  Saving: £19.25

Moonbeam- £18.50/Beat the Blues Moonbeam- £5.25 Saving: £13.25


I have been a devotee, on and off, to eyebrows for the last five years. Occasionally, I make myself look slightly surprised (tip: don’t daydream with tweezers in your hand…) and once, the ladies on a certain Benefit counter gave me eyebrows that were somewhat… heavy-handed on the wax. I looked like something out of The Munsters. But, thanks to Princess Shinylocks, aka Kate Middleton, brows are in. And, whereas before I would have used Benefit’s Brow Zings occasionally, I am now using Sleek Makeup‘s Brow Kit in ‘Light’ everyday. My eyebrows look pretty spiffing and I love the tiny tweezers! Yes, Benefit’s kit has three colour choices, but really it’s still a lot to pay.

Price comparison

Benefit’s Brow Zings- £22.50/Sleek Makeup Brow Kit- £7.99 Saving: £14.51

The Urban Decay dupes

Image: MUA Cosmetics

The MUA ‘Undressed’ palette has been done to death. Even I’ve blogged about it and I’m hardly ahead of trends. But no dupe post could be without it, really. I stand by everything I’ve said previously about this palette- it’s great quality, long-lasting and fantastic value. It’s also a dead ringer for Urban Decay‘s ‘Naked’ palette.

Price comparison

Undressed- £4/Naked- £36 Saving: £32

Image: MUA Cosmetics

MUA also make an excellent eye primer, which is fantastic. Although it’s a long while since I used Urban Decay’s original Eye Shadow Primer Potion, from memory these products look pretty much the same and the texture is not that different. Although, admittedly, the packaging on the Urban Decay is cool.

Price comparison

MUA Eye Primer- £2.50/ Eye Shadow Primer Potion- £14.50 Saving: £12.50

So, if you switched to these budget buys, you could save a total of £92.01! As a previous devotee of high end brands, this is staggering (but there’s also a tiny part of my brain that’s saying “Think of the MAC you could buy with that!”) Have you got any favourite dupes? Do you think you get what you pay for, or would you rather go budget on some brands and spend on others?

Let me know what you think!


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