Battle of the (lip) balms

Lip balm has always been a weakness for me. I have no idea why, really, as it’s such an everyday product, but I do love it. I’ve probably tried most lip balms, bar the super expensive ones and I flirt with different flavours, textures and packaging on a regular basis. When I saw that Boots had a 3 for 2 offer on, I decided to treat myself. After all, I have two handbags and a bedside table, all of which could be greatly enriched by the addition of a fruit based lip salve.

I chose three different lip balms- Carmex Cherry, Figs and Rouge 100% Organic Balm- Pomegranate (£4.99) and Balmi SPF15 Raspberry lip balm (£4.99).

Carmex Cherry (£2.69)


This is my old favourite- I’ve reviewed it before and it’s still a handbag staple. This is my go-to, especially during the winter months. Nothing really beats the tingle of Carmex on freezing cold lips! I love the flavour and the texture is OK. I do find that if you overuse this, you do lose the tingle as your skin gets used to it, but that’s not a bad thing.

Figs and Rouge 100% Organic Balm- Pomegranate (£4.99)


I must admit, when I first saw this, it put me in mind of Rose and Co’s salves that were all the rage a few years ago- I think it’s the pretty, vintage style packaging that does it. However, on closer inspection, this one trumps its predecessor by the fact that it’s petroleum free. I think this could be a new favourite, as the texture is silky and soft and the taste is lovely. I went for pomegranate as it was a bit different and the flavour is very gentle. The packaging takes a bit of getting used to, as it can be tricky to open, but this is a good thing when in my handbag, as I don’t want lip balm smeared all over my keys! I also like that this can be used as a general purpose balm in a pinch, so I can see it getting smoothed over sore, cold-y noses and jagged cuticles. My only regret is that I didn’t see the rose variant!

Balmi SPF15 in Raspberry (£4.99)


Reviews of this are everywhere at the moment and so I was intrigued to try it (I know, I know, I’m a marketer’s dream!) I must say, I found the packaging interesting- I’m usually a pot/tin kind of girl. The packaging is really tactile and I find that I’m playing with it quite a lot! However, I don’t think that this really works for me as a regular lip balm. It’s a bit too imprecise on application. The flavour is OK- similar to the Carmex in that it’s reminiscent of sweets, but it’s not my favourite of the three. I think this one will go in the weekend bag- I think it will really come into its own as the weather gets colder and a more traditional lip balm is needed. Not sure I’ll buy it again though!


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