How do you use Pinterest?

I go through fits and starts with Pinterest. Sometimes, I can’t get enough of pinning bits and pieces to boards (I went through a phase of being obsessed by kakapos earlier this year, for example) and then other times, I just find it a bit… boring.

I’ve decided to utilise it in a way that makes my love of lists work better for me (and in a way that could ultimately help my blogging too!) I have three main boards that I pin to regularly, with loads of other boards that I use when the fancy takes me.

1. Books I’ve Read 2012

Catching FireThe Crimson Petal and the WhiteNewes from the DeadEleven

Images: All taken from

Earlier this year, I talked about how I found reading fiction a bit of of a hard task and that I was determined to read more. I used to keep a list of books I read in a notebook, but I find that using Pinterest as a way of keeping a record of all my reading is a good visual guide and helps me avoid the mistake of buying a book I already have. I rarely comment  on the books on my board, but it’s a good way of spotting trends in my reading and to remember those I’ve enjoyed. I also do this for films I’ve seen this year too. I’m also using this as a reminder to help me when I want to write book reviews or a general post about my reading habits. I should really start a book ‘wishlist’ too, but I have towers of books in my house that I need to read already!

2. Beauty Products I Love

This is a great way of keeping track of what beauty products I’ve blogged about, or just those that I covet. I’m thinking of having offshoot boards for ‘budget beauty’ and ‘wishlist’, so that I’m covering all bases! I’m finding it’s a great way of collecting all those products recommended by bloggers that I’ll forget about otherwise.

3. Inspiration

Great print. Shame it's expensive...

Image: V&A Shop

Pinterest can be a great place for crafty inspiration- I have loads of boards that I use to help me when I make stuff. I have a ‘sweets’ board which is great for colour, a ‘William Morris’ board for when I want to make something amazing and loads of photo boards for when I want to do some writing. Pinterest has a reputation for being about weddings and scary fitness inspiration, but I think it’s possible to find inspiration almost anywhere!

Do you use Pinterest? What do you use it for? If you want to follow my boards, I’m wuthering_alice.


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