Sleek Oil Free Creme to Powder Foundation vs MAC Studio Fix

So, I’m looking around for a way to save my pennies and I think I can make reasonable changes with all aspects of my makeup (bye bye Benefit… hello budget!), with one exception: foundation. Something that sits on your skin all day needs to be pretty special, right?

Apologies for the rubbish photo!

Currently, I use MAC Studio Fix Foundation with Powder (£20.50)- a foundation which in itself is a bit of a Marmite type. Some people hate it and find that it brings them out in spots etc. I have combination skin and I LOVE this. I’m especially impressed that they have so many shades and that I don’t automatically fall into the ‘super milk bottle pale’ category (I’m NW20.) I really like the coverage and I’m not a fan of ‘wet’ foundations; I’m an old-school kind of girl when it comes to application- I like using a sponge or a blusher brush and then, if I use a bit of concealer, I add a bit of powder on top. I do like a faceful of slap, after all…

Although this is expensive, I have used this same compact for over a year and I still have loads left. I am very, very loyal to this brand, but figured that if there was a cheaper option, I should try it.

Enter the newbie- Sleek Makeup’s Creme to Powder foundation (£7.99). The brilliant thing about this foundation is that there are LOADS of colours, for all skin types and it’s a decent price. I ordered the foundation tester kit (as Superdrug’s testers in Brighton are woeful) and it’s the best idea. Had I looked at samples in store, I would have gone for ‘Shell’, but looking at the two foundations together, it turns out that ‘Oyster’ is closer to what I needed.

I applied this with a foundation brush and found that the coverage was good, although my pores were evident. I think this could be remedied by using a serum, though. I did definitely need powder though, as it was a bit shinier first on than I’m used to and I may or may not have slightly freaked out a bit! However, after letting it ‘settle’, I have got used to the feel of this;  it’s a weird feeling going from a powder based product to a creamier one. I’m going to try this all day tomorrow and see how I feel in the evening.

Overall, I’m a bit torn! I love MAC and I would buy it if I had money. It lasts a looooong time and gives coverage. But when that runs out and money is a bit tighter, I think I could be persuaded to buy the Sleek. It’s a good product, with a good price and excellent colour range. Just don’t expect a MAC dupe!


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