Pregnancy survival kit

So, I’m now entering into the THIRD trimester, which means I’m over six months gone and time really does fly when you’re carrying a small, amphibious, tap dancing creature in your abdomen (seriously, some days it’s like a scene in ‘Alien’; I keep looking around for Sigourney Weaver and her cat.)

I’ve been thinking about all the stuff I’ve found I’ve needed and didn’t really know about until I needed it. Then I realised that this could be useful for someone who may just have found out she’s pregnant and currently living in a fog of confusion. Allow me, pregnant friend, to guide you by the hand through what I consider to be essentials for pregnancy. I’ve simply chosen which products worked for me- they might not all work for you, but could be worth trying out anyway!

Travel sickness wristbands (£8.19 for two, Boots)

These were brilliant for me, as I tended to get most nauseous in the car. I was quite lucky in that I never threw up, but oh, the rolling waves of sickness were horrible. I wore these if I felt sick and I managed two four-hour journeys wearing them with nary a bout of sickness in sight. They’re not glamorous, but I have friends who also swear by them. They kind of work through applying pressure to a particular point of your wrist. Now, I’m Northern and sceptical and I reckon they worked (placebo effect maybe?)

Pregnacare Plus Omega 3 (£14.99 for 28 days’ supply, Boots)

These are pricey, but I think totally worth it (even though grumble about the price and I sometimes forget to take them!) My diet isn’t as varied as I would like it to be- pregnancy certainly puts you off certain foods- and these are a good way of making sure that you get everything both you and the baby needs. Also, you’re only allowed fish oils in certain quantities and of a certain quality, which is what you get here. If you can’t stretch to this, the same brand do just the vitamins for £4.99 for a month’s supply.

Essential Oils

You will get to a point where some smells drive you mad and others are the greatest thing ever. I have had a real mania for anything citrussy. I recommend getting some lavender oil, as well as whatever smells make you happy (mine were particularly lime and grapefruit oils.) I found that this website were very reasonably priced.

Facial suncream

You will need a facial suncream, or a moisturiser with a good SPF, as pregnancy does all kinds of mad things to the skin on your face. I use SPF 50 and that’s even before slapping on makeup with an SPF. The sun makes you more prone to getting pigmentation on your face during pregnancy and so it’s a good idea to whack on some protection!

Comfortable clothes and shoes

Oh, this is so important, especially in heat! I bought a load of HUGE men’s t-shirts for when I’m slobbing round the house and I wear long cotton skirts when I go out. I didn’t have to buy a lot of maternity clothes, as I found until recently that most of my work skirts etc still fit me (which may mean I was buying bigger sizes than I needed pre-pregnancy. Huh.) I would recommend buying a good pair of work trousers and some really comfy shoes. I know it sounds like I’m advocating your grandma’s wardrobe, but I’m really not. You will get heavy and sweaty and feel unglamorous, so make yourself feel better!  New Look do a really good maternity selection that has loads to offer. Next is very good for maternity swimwear.

Indigestion tablets/medicine

I never knew what indigestion was until about six weeks ago. It’s horrible, but easily remedied (and quite cheaply, too!) My favourite tablets are Tesco– they’re fruit flavoured and cheap! I keep a packet at home, one at work and one in my bag. I also have Gaviscon peppermint liquid, which is about £4. The texture is awful, so I just take this before I go to bed, if I feel I need it.

A sense of humour

The world is full of people. Some are lovely. Some are well-meaning, yet annoying. Some are idiots. You will encounter all three as you go about your pregnant business. No matter what people say or the advice offered to you, the trick (as Garbage once sang) is to keep breathing and laugh it off. Yes, your hormones will be bouncing around faster than the characters in Angry Birds, but you will forget about how mad the comment/the unsolicited touching of the bump/the rubbish advice you were given made you.

Now, go forth and waddle!


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy survival kit

  1. Peri says:

    Could I add ginger tea or ginger ale to your list and a good maternity bra and in my case a unlimited supply of salt and vinegar crisps ;o)

  2. stephaniepomfrett says:

    Oh, god, yes- ginger ale! I drank TONS of the stuff. And I love crisps anyway, but at the moment I like really strong flavours like prawn cocktail, Worcestershire sauce etc. Someone found the blog by asking if she could eat salt and vinegar crisps and I just thought “you’re having a boy!” Got to love old wives’ tales!

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